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Listmas 2013: If I Could Invite 10 Characters to a Dinner Party…

It’s almost time for Christmas Eve dinner, and it reminds me of a question I had to answer for Population GO, a site I used to write for and which I definitely recommend you all check out. The question was something like which fictional character I would want to have over for dinner, and I figured it would hands-down have to be Zoe and Wash from Firefly. So yes, I found a way to cheat and get two characters in one by having a husband and wife team there… but really, nobody could be more fun in my books.

The only thing that could be more fun is hosting a nice big dinner party with 10 guests around the table joining me. In the spirit of my blog here, all of these characters will come from science fiction and fantasy.

10 and 9. Fran and Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)


Fran and Balthier are my favorite characters from Final Fantasy XII — and maybe from any Final Fantasy game I’ve played so far. They’re a duo with an airship that run around on adventures together, teasing each other and clearly loyal to one another even though a real romance isn’t confirmed. I love the idea of a romantic friendship between the two of them, and I would love to hear them talk about their rich pasts before they met and all of their adventures together since.

8. Sirantha Jax (Grimspace, etc.)


Sirantha Jax is quickly becoming one of my favorite sci-fi characters ever. She’s the star of Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace novel and the exciting series that follows. She’s brash and sarcastic, but over the course of the series she matures into someone who restrains herself and sacrifices for the greater good. I’m sure she would have lots of stories to tell about her time as a jumper navigating grimspace and all of her past romances.  But you’ll hear more about Sirantha Jax when I post about her here tomorrow… =)

7. Spock (Star Trek)


It’s hard to choose just one Star Trek character to invite to dinner, but for me, it would have to be Spock. It’s not just for the adventures he’s had, it’s also for a chance to learn about his culture and hear everything from his Vulcan perspective. I want to hear how he tells his stories… and I would pick his logical brain with all kinds of questions about the Star Trek universe.

6. Morrigan (Dragon Age)


Morrigan can be so surly when she doesn’t know someone, but that’s why she would make such an entertaining dinner guest. I would love to hear her sarcastic comments about the food, the decor, the other guests… It could get ugly or funny, depending on how everybody else reacts to her. Either way, it should be a blast hearing her telling stories about Flemeth, her childhood in the Korcari Wilds, and her shapeshifting magic.

5. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)


Tyrion Lannister would bring sophistication and wit to the dinner table no matter how drunk he got. I don’t care if we talk politics or whorehouses — he would easily be one of the most entertaining men at the party. I’m sure memorable quotes would be flying around the room all night. And frankly, he could use a break from the other Lannisters for an evening, so I like to think inviting him would be doing him a favor, too.

4. The Doctor (Doctor Who)


If I could only meet one fictional character, it would probably be the Doctor. There’s something magical about his mythology; it almost makes him feel real, even though we haven’t met him yet or don’t remember that we have. If he came to a dinner party, you can bet he would be the wackiest and most charming in the room — and it’s entirely possible he would finish the evening by inviting us all into the TARDIS to take a trip to the Middle Ages or a distant planet. Perfect ending to the night.

3. Garrus (Mass Effect)


Garrus is easily Commander Shepard’s best friend in Mass Effect. He has her back even when times are toughest, and his easy sarcasm helps lighten the mood when that’s exactly what Shepard needs most. At a dinner party, I’m sure he’d have all kinds of stories to tell about his time as a C-Sec investigator, his time on the Normandy, and that crazy period when he fought crime on Omega as Archangel. Not to mention it would be fun to compare notes on human dinner parties and the way turians eat and celebrate…

2 and 1. Zoe and Wash (Firefly/Serenity)


Can you imagine a more fun night than one spent listening to Zoe and Wash tell stories and crack jokes over dinner? This married couple from Firefly has an interesting chemistry, and they would have all kinds of adventures of stories to tell about their lives as freelancers and occasional thieves on Mal’s Firefly. Plus, since Zoe didn’t immediately take to Wash, I want to hear how he won her over in the end.

I’m curious to know who all of your choices would be, too. Hope you’re all having a great holiday season!

— Ashley

4 thoughts on “Listmas 2013: If I Could Invite 10 Characters to a Dinner Party…”

  1. I don’t know who 10 9, or 8 are, so I can’t say either way about them; but I definitely agree with all of the other choices. Tyrion would be my top choice from that list!

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