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Letting Go of Expectations with “Star Trek: Discovery”

If the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery has taught me anything, it’s that expectations do a lot more harm than good.

The new Star Trek series had its two-episode pilot (sort of a double feature) this past weekend, and I was dying to see it. I had high hopes that it would stay true to what I consider to be the spirit of the series, which dates back to the 1960’s and has been reinvented in half a dozen TV series since then. I love Star Trek. I haven’t watched every single iteration of it (my favorite is Deep Space Nine), but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen so far. I even like the new J.J. Abrams movies, which take place in an alternative timeline and, in contrast to the thoughtful television series, are very blockbuster action-y. Despite enjoying them as popcorn flicks, I went into Star Trek: Discovery hoping it would be more like the TV series than the new movies.

(Minor Discovery spoilers to follow!)

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