Welcome to my blog Robo♥beat. I started this site back in 2012 as my online outlet to write about my interest in science fiction, fantasy, and video games. It’s been a really rewarding experience. Not only can I talk about the latest superhero movie I saw or my new favorite game, I also meet all kinds of like-minded people here. I love hearing opinions from readers, and it’s always fun to connect in the comments or on social media channels.

Through this blog I was able to collaborate with other bloggers and gamers on the website Geek Force Network. I also used to write for geek/otaku site Population GO. And if you want to follow another gaming site that shares posts from many different voices, I highly recommend United We Game!

All opinions here are my own. Since 2017, I have worked for PlayStation, but even before I started working in the games industry in any way, I’ve always believed in supporting it rather than tearing it down. That’s why I won’t disparage any game companies or post fully negative reviews. It’s just not my style. I’d much rather share something that I love, or critique something that has redeeming features. I have a lot of respect for developers and the passion they put into their games. When I do write reviews, I’m honest and my opinions are personal and unrelated to my job. But I will naturally gravitate toward writing about games I enjoy!

I’d love to connect through Facebook or Twitter, and you can also keep up with new posts there or by hitting “Follow” in the sidebar here!

I also used to write for Geek Force Network and geek/otaku website Population GO.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to be nerdy with me and share your thoughts in the comments. :)

— Ashley

Other Writing

I’ll keep this page regularly updated with geek-related articles that I publish elsewhere on the web!

From Co-Op to Tabletop: Exploring My Shyness Through Games
FemHype (February 2016)

How Important Are Story and Graphics to Video Games… Really?
— CheeeseToastieandVideoGames.com (July 2013)

Doctor Who: My Top 12 Picks for the 12th Doctor 
— Geek Force Network (June 2013)

Community Fact or Fiction — May 2013 Edition: GTA V, BioShock Infinite, Man of Steel, E3 2013, & Wii U (one of 5 panelists)
— The Vortex Effect (May 2013)

Manga for Beginners: My Journey into the Big, Mad World of Japanese Comics
— simpleek (May 2013)

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