Welcome to my blog Robo♥beat! I started this blog back in 2012 as an outlet to write about my interest in science fiction, fantasy, and video games. It’s been a really rewarding experience, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet like-minded people here — fellow gamers, bloggers, and just all-around great people.

Since 2017, I’ve worked for PlayStation, which is why I write less about games now and more about my other interests. All opinions are my own.

I’d love to connect through Facebook or Twitter, and you can also keep up with new posts there or by hitting “Follow” in the sidebar here!

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to be nerdy with me and share your thoughts in the comments. :)

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Collaborations & More

Through this blog I was able to collaborate with other bloggers and gamers on the website Geek Force Network. I also used to write for geek/otaku site Population GO. And if you want to follow another gaming site that shares posts from many different voices, I highly recommend United We Game!

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Other Writing

I’ll keep this page regularly updated with geek-related articles that I publish elsewhere on the web!

From Co-Op to Tabletop: Exploring My Shyness Through Games
FemHype (February 2016)

How Important Are Story and Graphics to Video Games… Really?
— CheeeseToastieandVideoGames.com (July 2013)

Doctor Who: My Top 12 Picks for the 12th Doctor 
— Geek Force Network (June 2013)

Community Fact or Fiction — May 2013 Edition: GTA V, BioShock Infinite, Man of Steel, E3 2013, & Wii U (one of 5 panelists)
— The Vortex Effect (May 2013)

Manga for Beginners: My Journey into the Big, Mad World of Japanese Comics
— simpleek (May 2013)

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— Ashley

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