What’s New — October 2016

This month is going to be all about getting back on track with my writing, gaming, reading, and exercising. I’ve been super busy the past month or two, to the point where I’m ready to slow down and make more time for my hobbies. I’ve been neglecting a lot of things lately! Now that fall is here, I’m ready for the change of pace.

Video Games: Last month I spent quite a bit of time playing ReCore, which I wrote about and did a video post review on. It’s exceptionally fun; I recommend it if you’re into fast-paced shooting of platforming challenges!

I’m also still playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (the best story-driven game I’ve played since The Witcher 3) and Rise of Iron, the latest Destiny expansion.

But this month, I’m most excited about Gears of War 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition! I just want to get my hands on that lancer and then go buy myself a house in Markarth.

TV: Not exactly sci-fi or fantasy, but I got hooked on Homeland last month. I’m on season two now and at the end of each episode, I’m dying to see what happens next. The only thing stopping me from binge-watching it is that I watch it with my partner, and since I tend to watch it before bed, I usually crash before I can keep bingeing!

This month, Luke Cage and Westworld are top of my list for new TV.

What are you guys playing and watching this month?

— Ashley


Adventures in Forging a Gjallarhorn in “Destiny: Rise of Iron”

Over the weekend, my partner and I decided to focus on one cool thing available in Destiny: Rise of Iron: the new Gjallarhorn. Since we weren’t around for Year 1 Destiny — our obsession with Destiny began in January of this year — this weapon is new to us, but obviously we’ve heard a lot about its legend status!

In game diary style, here are some of the adventures I had in forging my own Gjallarhorn. =)

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First Impressions of “Destiny: Rise of Iron”

This past week I’ve been playing through the new Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron. For $30, it’s not exactly a steal, but it adds enough new content to make me excited about this first-person shooter game again! Here are a few reasons I’ve been enjoying it so far. =)

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“ReCore” Review

Here is my review of the video game ReCore! Earlier this week I wrote up my early pro/con list about it, and for the most part, my loves and not-so-loves about this game have just intensified the more I’ve played. In this review I talk about what I liked about ReCore, what I thought of the story, and who I’d recommend it for. =)

Thanks for watching!

— Ashley