What’s New — September 2016

Happy September, everybody! Fall is here, probably my favorite season. I am one of those people who gets ready for the holidays way too early.

Last month was pretty much eaten up by moving to a new apartment. In my complete naiveté (or just denial) I thought it would take just a day. That is now hilarious to me, because it was a whole weekend process plus lots of going back and forth the rest of the week. Or maybe the next two weeks. I’m losing track of time. The only video game I played much of all month was Mortal Kombat X, since it’s easy (and not too time-consuming) to pick it up and play a few battles when you need to take a break from packing!

Video Games: This month I’ve started playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is incredible so far. I had Human Revolution but found it challenging after just one main mission, and since Mankind Divided was coming out and getting all the hype — yeah, I kind of skipped Human Revolution. Maybe I’ll go back to it. (I say that with a ridiculous backlog of games already…)

The only trouble I have in Deus Ex is with stealth. I am just not a stealthy gamer. I love Dishonored but it’s not the easiest game for me to play — and frankly, I don’t always take the sneaky route. (That’s why it’s so fun to have supernatural powers in Dishonored!) Yet you’ll see me crouching and letting arrows fly all the time in Skyrim… I guess it just depends on how it’s done — and so far, Deus Ex is a little tricky for me.

What I do like is the idea of hacking in Deus Ex. I’m not sure about the minigame yet — still mastering it, and not sure if I love it — but at least the concept of hacking to aid stealth makes the idea of crawling along the ground and hiding for many drawn-out minutes at a time feel more exciting. And Adam Jensen is such a badass.

TV: Last month I watched Stranger Things. I liked it. But now that fall is here, it’s all about Halt and Catch Fire for me! The third season started last week, and if you haven’t seen it, I recommend picking it up at season two. =)

Running: With the move, I’ve been pretty bad about working out, but I have a 10K coming up and am excited to take the next week or two here to prepare for it. The new apartment has a great running loop that makes running outside way more fun than ever.

Video Posts: In other news, I’m experimenting a little with making some videos for Robo♥beat. I already posted a (super shy!) one last week, about D’Vorah in Mortal Kombat X.

There are a few reasons I’d like to make videos occasionally now. One is that I love going to other people’s sites and finding other kinds of content besides writing, like podcasts and videos. Another is that it would be fun to include gameplay footage when I’m talking about video games! Also, I’m a writer for a living, so I write all day… and then I come home and write some more on my novel and my blog. I love it, but it would be interesting to do something different. Maybe it’ll spice up the content on my site a little, but it should also give me a new challenge and get me out of my comfort zone! That said, I have no gear yet (nor any idea what I’m doing), so for now, it’s mostly just experimenting. =)

What are you guys up to this month? And what’s everybody playing these days?

— Ashley

How Much Info is Too Much Before a Video Game is Released?

Happy Friday! Today I have a new video in which I ramble about how much information is nice to have before a video game comes out. Is there such a thing as too much?

Of course, it’s not just about what the video game developers release before a game comes out — whether they give away too much story, for instance — it’s also on us gamers to decide how much we want to read up on before we play!

Do you like to have lots of information, or do you prefer to be surprised by most things as you play?

Here’s the video!

— Ashley

The Video Games on My Fall Calendar

With the holidays approaching (well, kinda — I’m already excited, though), the big season for video games is coming up. I always look forward to buying games for myself as the year comes to a close, and if I’m lucky, I get some time off work and can invest those hours in my new games!

Last holiday season, I played a lot of Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I even remember being home and my mom, who doesn’t play games at all, helping me solve some of the tombs. There was another year when I brought my Xbox 360 home for Christmas and, after everyone had gone to bed, stayed up alone to replay BioShock Infinite. It was so much fun. I guess this is why video games have become intertwined with the holidays in my mind.

So, without further adieu, here is the big list of video games I’m looking forward to purchasing in the coming months. I’ve put them all on my personal calendar, so I can get a notification when a new one comes out. (I’m a dork like that.)

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Why D’Vorah Kicks Ass in Mortal Kombat X

Lately I’ve been playing a ton of Mortal Kombat X. While I’m still far from being an expert, I’m loving the game so far, trying to work my way through the sometimes bizarre story mode, and playing as the new character D’Vorah for most matches. She is definitely my favorite character in the game!

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