What’s New — June 2018

It’s officially summer! May flew by for me, as I got some more wedding plans in order (including cake tasting!) and started weightlifting for the first time. I feel like the month was very focused on my overall health — especially creating good habits for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Now that June is here, it’s time for me to reengage with video games thanks to E3! I took a breather from gaming this past month — not intentionally, but I got so busy with other things that gaming took a backseat. The one game that I did play pretty consistently all month was Destiny 2, as I jumped back into the story with my fiancé. I’ve also been enjoying Iron Banner, the 6v6 weekend-long event, whenever it comes around.

This month I’d like to dive back into the single-player games I was playing earlier this year, and also try Detroit: Become Human which looks incredible. Any narrative-driven, decision-based game — I’m sold. The fact that Detroit is also about an android revolution makes it even more appealing to me. I’m a sci-fi nerd for life.

Aside from gaming, my big project this month is fixing up my apartment. I don’t know if everybody is like this, but when I’ve lived in a place long enough, I get a little complacent about it and stop caring about what it looks like. Decor gets shabby, junk piles up on end tables, and I put off taking the recycling out of the kitchen “until tomorrow” for a week — so it’s just sitting there, being an eyesore, for days on end. Despite regular cleaning and tidying up, it’s rare that I walk in and think, This place looks goooood.

But lately I’ve been daydreaming about getting a house someday, while binge-watching home renovation shows. Since I won’t be moving anytime soon, I decided the best thing I can do right now is perform a thorough spring cleaning of my apartment, reorganize everything to reduce clutter, and then polish everything off with a little new decor. Nothing too crazy or expensive — but some new throw pillows and a few statement pieces will be nice. Yesterday I bought a vase that was on sale and reminded me of something an archaeologist would have in their home, so that’s a start.

The Expanse

Other than that, I’ve been trying to get into the TV show The Expanse. I loved Leviathan Wakes when I read it years ago, so the show can’t be that different, right? I finished watching Outlander until its next season airs in the fall, and in the meantime I’m reading the book series. I’m watching Westworld but honestly have no idea what’s going on in that show this season — the storytelling, for me, isn’t nearly as tight and engaging as it was in the first season. (I still love Maeve, though.)

I’m also reading the novel Kushiel’s Dart, by Jacqueline Carey, which is an incredible show of world-building. It’s a fantasy world that feels like an older version of France, and in this world there is the Night Court, which consists of several houses of courtesans who are trained for years in the art of lovemaking. They are also revered as followers of their god. “Love as thou wilt” is their religious motto, and the protagonist Phedre is raised in this tradition with the purpose of becoming a spy, to learn the political schemes of her clients. The book has gone places I didn’t expect, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in the end.

What’s everybody else up to this month? I’d love to hear what you’re reading, watching, and playing in June. =)

— Ashley

Why Defusing Bombs is My Favorite VR Experience So Far

It’s my fate in life to constantly be on the hunt for good co-op games. My fiancé and I love to game together, but having burned through a lot of great co-op games already — and being a little picky, I suppose — we always feel deprived of good video games to play side by side.

Last week, he suggested we play a PlayStation VR game called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. I’ll admit that while I had heard about the game before, I didn’t fully understand it, and I’ve been hesitant to try a lot of VR games so far. The main reason is that I have a tendency to get motion sick, but it’s also laziness. I love the PS VR headset, but what can I say, some evenings I just don’t feel like putting it on.

But my fiancé convinced me to try the game, and it was amazing. Firstly, because it’s a unique concept that makes great use of VR and multiple players. And secondly, because I wasn’t actually the one in VR this time.

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Listening as Reading: My Experience with Audiobooks

This isn’t my typical post about science fiction, fantasy, or video games, but I thought I’d share my experience with audiobooks. I’d still count that as a geeky interest, right?

About a year and a half ago, I started driving to work instead of taking public transportation, and to entertain myself on the commute, I began listening to audiobooks from Audible.

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5 of the Funniest Video Games I’ve Played So Far

Since playing Night in the Woods lately, I’ve been nostalgic about some of funnier video games I’ve played. I always enjoy when a game includes some humor — usually from a side character who cracks jokes, or something along those lines. But there are some games out there that are just about 100% funny. Even if you’re living through a story, getting to know characters in a deep way, shooting bad guys, or solving puzzles, the humor is an ever-present force that makes the game way more fun than it would otherwise be.

Here are the games that have had me laughing out loud the most.

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