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What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

We all have those games, don't we? The ones we return to over and over again, on vacations and sick days and when we just need something warm and familiar -- maybe even comforting. A few months ago on the What's Good Games podcast (one of my favorites), the hosts discussed the idea of "comfort… Continue reading What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

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What’s New – Summer 2020

It's summer in San Francisco (where I live)... which means the weather switches between hot and cold, sunny and foggy, with no predictable pattern. With shelter-in-place still going strong in California, I've been trying to get outdoors for walks once in a while, but it's hard. Some days I don't feel motivated to mess with… Continue reading What’s New – Summer 2020

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The Joy of Decorating Houses in “Elder Scrolls Online”

This past month I've gotten hooked on the online RPG Elder Scrolls Online. (I know, it took me long enough!) The game has provided me with a fantasy world where I can escape today's sad and worrying news, get some R&R after moving apartments, and spend time with my husband without leaving the house. Additionally, I… Continue reading The Joy of Decorating Houses in “Elder Scrolls Online”