Westworld Season 3 Screenshot Caleb and droid construction workers
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What’s New – Summer 2020

It's summer in San Francisco (where I live)... which means the weather switches between hot and cold, sunny and foggy, with no predictable pattern. With shelter-in-place still going strong in California, I've been trying to get outdoors for walks once in a while, but it's hard. Some days I don't feel motivated to mess with… Continue reading What’s New – Summer 2020


Hellblade: A Dark Fantasy of the Mind

I'm not usually one for video games that are dark, or scary, or seem too challenging. While some gamers are able to brave those waters, I'm too skittish to wade in. Ninja Theory's new game Hellblade is all of those things, but it's different in that it wants you to feel fear -- a new kind of… Continue reading Hellblade: A Dark Fantasy of the Mind


Dueling Through the “For Honor” Beta

One of my most anticipated games this year is For Honor, a Ubisoft release that features knights, Vikings, and samurai caught up in a thousand year war. Over the weekend, I played the closed beta to get a feel for the game, which is coming out in a couple of weeks. The first thing I… Continue reading Dueling Through the “For Honor” Beta