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What’s New — July 2017

July is a month I have been long awaiting, for a few reasons:

  • It’s Camp NaNoWriMo, so I can focus on writing my novel again
  • Final Fantasy XII is coming out on PS4, so I can replay it
  • A ton of good movies are coming out

Plus, days off for 4th of July and all that good stuff. =)

Last month, I played some more Injustice 2, started making my way through Wolfenstein: The New Order, spent a lot of time working thanks to E3 madness, and saw the amazing and funny Wonder Woman movie. This month…

Novel Writing

On the writing front, I have been pretty bad about keeping to a schedule lately. I’ve had a lot of ideas, so in general things are going in the right direction — I just need to make time to write. I’d blame a super busy work month, but there’s never an excuse for not writing!

In any case, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) has a camp in April and July, which lets you group up with other writers online to encourage each other through the month. You set your own personal goals with this one. Mine will be to write seven hours per week. I’d say one hour per day, but I’m going to give myself the leeway to write a little extra some days and skip a day once in a while, depending on when I have time. Life happens, after all. But by the end of the month, with that much writing, I should feel like I made some good progress!

Final Fantasy XII

final-fantasy-xii-key-artI don’t need another video game in my life right now. I’m wrapping up both Mass Effect Andromeda and Wolfenstein: The New Order, I’m playing some Nex Machina co-op with my partner, and I’ve started a new playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition that I’ll be chipping away at for the next little while here. I also have Persona 5 on my list of games-to-play. And Night in the Woods.

But… Final Fantasy XII is one of my favorite video games ever, and one of the first I played. The characters and rich settings are so stuck in my mind. I remember battling through tedious dungeons just to get to that next beautiful cutscene and unravel more of the story. I was in love with Balthier. It’s just such a magical game to me, I have to play it again now that it’s coming to the PlayStation 4. It’ll take me some time, but hey, video games are meant to be enjoyed. I can take my time. =)


Summer is known for blockbuster movies, and the ones I’m most looking forward to are Spider-Man: Homecoming next week, and then Dunkirk and Valerian later in the month.

I’ve started reading Valerian (specifically the comic tied to the movie) to learn about the characters and world. I love that it’s fun, over-the-top science fiction adventure, but with that underlying young romance. Maybe unrequited, which can be even better.

What’s everybody else doing and playing this month?

— Ashley

What’s New — April 2016

April is here, and for me that means a few big things:

  • My birthday is coming up, so I’ll be doing my traditional replay of Dragon Age: Origins! (I’ll post about that on my birthday, but some of you may already know what it’s about since I mention it frequently!)
  • I’m wrapping up my playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s the first time I’m actually finishing this beast, and I’ve been using a strategy guide to make my way through. That’s because this Dragon Age is very open world (and therefore, for me, confusing and/or frustrating at times) — it’s been nice having a guide, and the whole experience of being an awesome rift mage has been sooooo much fun.
  • Destiny is getting a big old update! (Wait, updates can’t be “old,” right?) The idea of new content of any kind makes me want to pick up the controller again. That game is so addicting!
  • Quantum Break comes out, which is my most anticipated game release at the moment.
  • I’m running in my first 10K! (Talked about that a little bit last month. Training is going pretty well!)
  • It’s time to jump into novel writing again with Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve talked quite a bit about how I participate in National Novel Writing Month every November, and last year was the first year I actually finished the goal of scribbling 50,000 words in one month. Camp NaNoWriMo is similar, except that you create your own goal (my word count will be 25,000 for the month of April) and you’re placed in a virtual “cabin” with other writers, so you can chat and encourage each other throughout the month. I’m extremely excited about Word Sprints coming back, because these were a huge help and source of inspiration for me during the November NaNoWriMo!

What are you guys up to this April?

— Ashley