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What’s New — April 2016

April is here, and for me that means a few big things:

  • My birthday is coming up, so I’ll be doing my traditional replay of Dragon Age: Origins! (I’ll post about that on my birthday, but some of you may already know what it’s about since I mention it frequently!)
  • I’m wrapping up my playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s the first time I’m actually finishing this beast, and I’ve been using a strategy guide to make my way through. That’s because this Dragon Age is very open world (and therefore, for me, confusing and/or frustrating at times) — it’s been nice having a guide, and the whole experience of being an awesome rift mage has been sooooo much fun.
  • Destiny is getting a big old update! (Wait, updates can’t be “old,” right?) The idea of new content of any kind makes me want to pick up the controller again. That game is so addicting!
  • Quantum Break comes out, which is my most anticipated game release at the moment.
  • I’m running in my first 10K! (Talked about that a little bit last month. Training is going pretty well!)
  • It’s time to jump into novel writing again with Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve talked quite a bit about how I participate in National Novel Writing Month every November, and last year was the first year I actually finished the goal of scribbling 50,000 words in one month. Camp NaNoWriMo is similar, except that you create your own goal (my word count will be 25,000 for the month of April) and you’re placed in a virtual “cabin” with other writers, so you can chat and encourage each other throughout the month. I’m extremely excited about Word Sprints coming back, because these were a huge help and source of inspiration for me during the November NaNoWriMo!

What are you guys up to this April?

— Ashley


7 thoughts on “What’s New — April 2016”

  1. On April 12th, I’ll be all over Destiny and won’t be playing anything else. It’s my favorite since its alpha.

    I also have a birthday coming up this month, two days after the Destiny update.

    1. Oooh another April birthday person! Happy birthday. :) Yeah, Destiny will probably steal my attention the last half of the month. I play about once a week right now, but looking forward to the update!

  2. Good luck with the 10K! I really enjoy working out, but distance running has never been my forte. Just makes me more impressed with people who can do it! I’m really looking forward to Quantum Break and Ratchet & Clank (the game and movie!) this month.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I used to hate running, and now distance running is a big step for me! Oh yeah, Ratchet and Clank looks great, almost forgot about that one… :)

  3. I”m just back from a long vacation, so I need to get caught up on reading blogs and listening to podcasts, things that I couldn’t really do during quality family excursions. April is a big deal to me, since Game of Thrones Season Six starts in three weeks, and I can stop blogging about the show – I never (almost never) do any writing about the show when the season is on, since there’s no need to compete with all the hot take articles and recaps. And I’ll be too busy reading all the hot take articles and recaps.

    At some point, I’ll have to reclaim the XBox One from my daughter and play Fallout 4. Or finish the classic Bioshock on the old Xbox 360.

    1. Nice, I like your schedule for writing about Game of Thrones (and not writing during the season). On a side note, I find it really hard to review individual TV episodes, I like to get a feel for the whole arc of a season and write about that instead (not that I’m very good at or into reviews, really!). Anyway, I’m excited to read more from you after the season though. :)

      Oh yeah, Fallout 4 is so fun. I should pick that up again too, but just too busy with other games right now!

      1. You have so many games to play! And thanks for looking forward to reading my Game of Thrones stuff. During the season, I do comment on the show, but it’s from my @gotorcs Twitter account, where I pretend to be a bunch of orcs watching the show on Sauron’s High-Def Palantir. (Sauron’s a big Dany-Jon shipper.) The orcs are Team Stark. Totally. They have arguments with the Corsairs of Umbar, who are Team Greyjoy.

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