What Makes “Dragon Age: Origins” Different

Some of you may know that Dragon Age: Origins is my most cherished video game. It is one of the very first games I played as an adult -- back when I was not a gamer -- and it made me fall in love with video games. Especially RPGs, because they had characters to get to… Continue reading What Makes “Dragon Age: Origins” Different


My Open World Blues Playing “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

The past few weeks, I've sunk about 35 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition. I played the game before but never got even halfway. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a strategy guide for it, and it's really helping me feel like I have a handle on the wide, wild world that is Inquisition. That's because Inquisition is the first Dragon Age… Continue reading My Open World Blues Playing “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

What's New

What’s New — April 2016

April is here, and for me that means a few big things: My birthday is coming up, so I’ll be doing my traditional replay of Dragon Age: Origins! (I’ll post about that on my birthday, but some of you may already know what it’s about since I mention it frequently!) I’m wrapping up my playthrough… Continue reading What’s New — April 2016