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What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

We all have those games, don't we? The ones we return to over and over again, on vacations and sick days and when we just need something warm and familiar -- maybe even comforting. A few months ago on the What's Good Games podcast (one of my favorites), the hosts discussed the idea of "comfort… Continue reading What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

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Dragon Age Inquisition – Narrative Playthrough

  Hey guys! Some of you may have seen the first installment of my Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough. It's a narrative playthrough where I'm just abbreviating the action -- mainly the combat and exploration -- for context, and focusing instead on the cutscenes and conversations so you can enjoy the story. If you're interested in watching… Continue reading Dragon Age Inquisition – Narrative Playthrough

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Dragon Age Inquisition: Part I — Establishing the Inquisition!

As it's nearing my birthday, when I like to play a little of BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins, I decided this year to do something different and replay the entirety of that beast of a Dragon Age game: Inquisition. I'm really excited. Just for fun, I'll be posting a narrative playthrough here, with abbreviated combat and exploration to focus on… Continue reading Dragon Age Inquisition: Part I — Establishing the Inquisition!