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Dragon Age Inquisition: Part I — Establishing the Inquisition!

As it’s nearing my birthday, when I like to play a little of BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins, I decided this year to do something different and replay the entirety of that beast of a Dragon Age game: Inquisition. I’m really excited. Just for fun, I’ll be posting a narrative playthrough here, with abbreviated combat and exploration to focus on the story in cutscenes.

First, let me introduce my Inquisitor, a human archer named Serena:

“As the youngest child of the Trevelyan noble house, you grew up in the Free Marcher city of Ostwick and have enjoyed a life of privilege. With close family ties to the Chantry, and many relatives among the priesthood and the templars, you were always expected to follow a similar path in service of the Maker — regardless of how you feel about the matter personally. Willing or unwilling, you were sent to the Chantry’s Conclave to assist relatives who sought to make peace between the Templars and mages. It didn’t go well.”

I’ve decided to make Serena devout. She welcomes the Chantry and doesn’t fully understand magic, preferring family, religion, and a trust in the Templars over anything else.

Dragon Age Lore: If you’re not familiar with Dragon Age lore, the Templars are an order of knights under the Chantry, tasked with watching over mages in the Circle of Magi. Because magic is considered dangerous — there’s one part of the Dragon Age world that was run by powerful mages known as magisters who used their magic to control essentially everything — mages are legally only allowed to practice magic in the Circle of Magi. Those who don’t are known as apostates, and the Templars are also on a mission to track them down for their illegal magic.

Because I normally play as mages, I’m usually on the mages’ side of the Templar-mage conflict. But in this case, I’m going to shake things up and side more with the Templars. Though Serena is interested in learning more about magic, she doesn’t fully understand it and can say some naive things about it from time to time.

She’ll be brave, aggressive, and funny at times. Though not so into the warm fuzzies, I imagine over time her adventures with the Inquisition will make her a more empathetic person, and maybe she’ll even find love…

Here is part one of Serena’s adventure — establishing the Inquisition!

— Ashley

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