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My Biggest Worldbuilding Inspirations

Like a lot of writers, I draw inspiration from many of my favorite creative works. Since I’m currently writing a science fiction novel, some of my biggest sources of inspiration are other science fiction works — but not always books. Anything with great worldbuilding is a candidate. The smallest detail can spark a new idea. It’s never a matter of copying what something else is already doing, but sometimes an item from another piece of fiction sets a mood or makes me think of something that would work in my own story.

There are a lot of worlds I keep going back to. For many reasons, I love spending time in them. These are the ones that are the greatest inspirations for me right now!

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Ramblings on Sci-Fi Cheesiness and Suspension of Disbelief…


How believable is science fiction supposed to be?

Some sci-fi is incredibly rich and realistic. Especially when reading it, I’m able to visualize exactly how the world and all of its inhabitants — including alien races described as being completely different than anything we know on this planet — appear in this fictional universe. I get really into it.

However, when watching sci-fi and TV movies, things can get in the way of that suspension of disbelief. Things like shoddy special effects, cheesy one-liners, alien characters obviously covered in weird cosmetics and prosthetics.

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