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The Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m Reading and Playing

Happy Friday, everybody! Today I'd like to share a simple post about what's on my fantasy and sci-fi agenda right now, in terms of entertainment. =) Kushiel's Dart This is a novel by Jacqueline Carey that I've been wanting to read for awhile, so I finally started it last week. A fantasy book featuring a… Continue reading The Sci-Fi and Fantasy I’m Reading and Playing


My Biggest Worldbuilding Inspirations

Like a lot of writers, I draw inspiration from many of my favorite creative works. Since I'm currently writing a science fiction novel, some of my biggest sources of inspiration are other science fiction works -- but not always books. Anything with great worldbuilding is a candidate. The smallest detail can spark a new idea. It's never… Continue reading My Biggest Worldbuilding Inspirations


Playing with Magic in Video Games

Any time a video game lets me play with magic, I take it. When given character class options, I almost always go with mage... or the sci-fi equivalent. Even when I opt for archery in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I often try to include magic in the mix. I once built a two-handed… Continue reading Playing with Magic in Video Games