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My Favorite Things to Watch About Space

I'm one of those people who's obsessed with outer space. In college I started watching TV shows like The Universe and documentary series like When We Left Earth, and ever since I've devoured anything I can find about the Apollo missions, other planets, spaceships, astronauts, and life beyond our atmosphere. And that extends to science fiction -- particularly… Continue reading My Favorite Things to Watch About Space

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What Harry Potter Means to Me

I was a little late to the Harry Potter game. Though the books started coming out when I was a preteen -- which would have been the perfect time to read them -- I was devouring Lord of the Rings and Dune back then. And Harry Potter wasn't high on the reading list at my school. Maybe the silliness of some… Continue reading What Harry Potter Means to Me


“Tomb Raider” Movie Review

Last night I went to see the new Tomb Raider movie, directed by Roar Uthaug and starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. I went into the movie as a pretty big Tomb Raider fan already. For many years I've loved the Angelina Jolie movies, which hinged on Lara's looks, crazy stunts that sometimes seem to defy the laws… Continue reading “Tomb Raider” Movie Review