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5 Things I Loved about “Logan”

James Mangold’s Logan is not like other X-Men movies. While I have enjoyed the X-Men series overall, I’m not the biggest fan, I don’t know the lore well, and I’ve never cared much for Wolverine’s gruff character. But that’s exactly why I was excited to see Logan. I had heard it was different, and it is.

Saying that I “enjoyed” the movie might not be the right way to put it, but it’s a powerful film that sticks with you afterwards. It took me some time to process it after I left the theater. It almost made me cry.

But leaving enjoyment out of it, here are a few reasons I think Logan is such a special film. (Minor spoilers to follow — nothing major!)

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Why “Passengers” Would Have Made a Great Indie Movie (*SPOILERS)

Major spoilers for Passengers in this post! If you plan to see it, don’t read this yet!

Yesterday I saw the movie Passengers. It looked like a popcorn sci-fi flick about two people (Chris Pratt’s Jim and Jennifer Lawrence’s Aurora) who awake from hibernation sleep on a 120-year ride to a new planet. The trouble is that they wake up about 90 years too early and can’t get back to sleep. But the movie ended up being much more thought-provoking than just that.

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The Worst Movies Based on Video Games

Guest Post: Today I have a guest post from Isa, who has covered entertainment topics on sites like Culture Coverage. You can follow her on Twitter here!

From World of Warcraft to Super Mario, some of best and biggest video game franchises have been made into films. The genre of video game movies can be spotty at best, so it can be very hit-and-miss when deciding what to watch on your next film marathon. These are some of the movies that we would advise not to pop in the Blu-Ray player.

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