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Listmas 2016: Top 10 Reasons to Replay “Skyrim”

First off… happy holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying that this crazy year is wrapping up and New Year’s is on the way!

To go along with Christmas, in the past I have loved participating in Listmas, which is a blogging holiday of sorts where anyone who wants to join just write blog posts in list format, about whatever they want. This holiday season, I’m a little obsessed with replaying The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’ve even started creating videos to log some of my experiences this time through the game!

Here are the top 10 reasons I’m having so much fun with it. :)

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5 of the Most Interesting Games I Played This Year (Listmas 2015)

Between humongous games like Fallout 4 and mobile gems like Lara Croft GO, it’s been a great year for gaming.

I usually shy away from creating “best” lists for recent titles, because it’s easy to get overly excited about that-game-you-just-played and think it’s the best thing ever. New things always seem shiny, but shiny doesn’t last. Then you start regretting that you ever recommended that game that was just a fad, or that didn’t quite withstand the test of time.

Still, I found a few games this year particularly engaging for a variety of reasons, and they deserve some recognition even though they’re still new! These are five of my favorites and why I found them so interesting.

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