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What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

We all have those games, don't we? The ones we return to over and over again, on vacations and sick days and when we just need something warm and familiar -- maybe even comforting. A few months ago on the What's Good Games podcast (one of my favorites), the hosts discussed the idea of "comfort… Continue reading What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?


N7 Day: Reflecting on My First Experience with “Mass Effect”

I still remember the day I first picked up Mass Effect. I'd already played Dragon Age: Origins and loved it, so diving into BioWare's science fiction universe felt like the next step. I was still pretty new to video games, so every new adventure felt especially exciting as I got used to just how immersive this medium… Continue reading N7 Day: Reflecting on My First Experience with “Mass Effect”


What Makes “Dragon Age: Origins” Different

Some of you may know that Dragon Age: Origins is my most cherished video game. It is one of the very first games I played as an adult -- back when I was not a gamer -- and it made me fall in love with video games. Especially RPGs, because they had characters to get to… Continue reading What Makes “Dragon Age: Origins” Different