7 Video Game Characters I’d Get Drinks With!

Video games are filled with amazing characters who would be fascinating to chat with, and why not over a drink? If I’m being honest, this list could go on much longer… but here are my top picks of who I’d have a pitcher of beer, a bottle of wine, or a round of shots with!

7. Dante (Devil May Cry)

Drink I’d Buy Him: Shots

gaming_devilmaycry3Dante is a brash, young, white-haired devil hunter who would be awesome to get to know a little. In fact, this was part of his conception: Hideki Kamiya said Dante “is a character that you would want to go out drinking with.”

I imagine he’s a joker at heart who would love to kick back and joke around over a drink. Being a show off, he’d probably rattle on about his adventures. That’s just a perk.

6. Augustus Cole (Gears of War)

Drink I’d Buy Him: Beer

maxresdefault.jpgRolling with the squad in Gears of War is really fun due to the chemistry they have. They may be oversized, gruff soldiers at first glance, but they’re always ribbing each other. I laughed out loud many times playing these games, and the funniest of the squad is probably Cole. The fact that he used to be a famous pro Thrashball player (that’s something like American football) makes him cocky too. He must have some great stories.

5. Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

Drink I’d Buy Him: Wine

Balthier2.pngThere’s a reason this guy refers to himself as “the leading man.” A Final Fantasy sky pirate, Balthier was one of my first video game crushes. Charming and a little self-centered, he’s a loyal friend to his partner-in-crime Fran, a helpful companion, and very theatrical.

His speech is almost Shakespearean, which just adds to his charm. Listening to stories of his adventures would make for an entertaining evening… though I’d probably spend most of the time staring wistfully into his perfectly-styled sideburns.

4. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Drink I’d Buy Her: Beer

sfdgdfhThis lady kicks so much ass, who wouldn’t want a drink with her? I imagine a conversation over drinks with her would have lots of twists and turns. What’s cool about Lara in the recent reboots is that she actually seems like she could be a friend. Over beer, we could get nerdy about archaeology, talk about her dad, laugh over weird adventures she’s had, and more. I know I’d also love to see her sense of humor come out when she has a chance to relax!

3. Geralt (The Witcher)

Drink I’d Buy Him: Beer

your-beard-will-grow-in-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-gameplay.jpgAt first glance, this gruff hero might not be the best companion at a dinner party. He’d probably be awkward and daydream about getting out of there and back to what he knows best: hunting monsters.

However, The Witcher series actually shows him frequenting taverns with his friends such as the bard Dandelion, the mage Triss, and the hilarious dwarf Zoltan. If liquor, conversation, and arm wrestling in a pub is how he likes to unwind after a long day slaying monsters, then I guess I want in.

2. Tali’Zorah (Mass Effect)

Drink I’d Buy Her: Shots (very carefully mixed shots… through a straw)

tumblr_m1e3kjgifp1r8v226o1_500.pngThere’s an adorable scene in Mass Effect 3 which features Tali getting tipsy. She’s a Quarian engineer who serves Commander Shepard onboard the Normandy in all three Mass Effect games. Which means she’s one of your most loyal friends; a male Shepard can even pursue a romantic relationship with her. As a Quarian, Tali has to wear a helmet and has a special diet. That’s why, when Shepard asks her how she’s getting drunk, she says, “Very carefully…”

Tali is sweet, smart, and funny. Having a drink with her would probably involve a lot of nerdy engineering talk, discussions about her people, and inside jokes about the rest of the Normandy crew. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

1. Isabela (Dragon Age)

Drink I’d Buy Her: Shots

article_post_width_isabella.JPGCaptain of a pirate ship, Isabela is one of the main non-playable characters in Dragon Age. In Origins, she’ll teach your rogue the Duelist specialization — and try to beat you at cards or get you into bed. (You can even finagle a threesome or foursome with her and other companions, depending on your current romances.) In Dragon Age 2, she can become a companion, friend, and even romantic partner.

What I love about her is her sarcasm. She loves getting in trouble and delights in devious plans. Always up for a drink or a game of cards, she must be one of the best drinking buddies a person could ask for.

— Ashley

6 thoughts on “7 Video Game Characters I’d Get Drinks With!”

  1. I don’t drink, but for the sake of conversation…

    Obviously the first choice is the one and only Jimmy Raynor. Also pretty much the entire cast of Diablo III )minus Haedrig and Lyndon), especially Kormac, Shen, and the crusader. A few characters from The Secret World would be good, too. Any excuse to hear more of Moose’s musing on zen and the art of zombie slaying, and it’d be fun watching Nassir and Said get drunk together. Still waiting for that Nassir/Said buddy comedy.

    …Can Said get drunk, I wonder? I wager he’d find a way, even if his stomach is dust in a canopic jar somewhere.

    I’d second Tali, as well. I adore Tali in general, and drunk Tali is best Tali.

  2. I am SO jealous you came came up with this article idea before I did.

    I feel like Lara and Gerald would be more partial to gin and whisky neats, respectively. But that’s just me.

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