A Decade of My GOTY

The past decade really made me who I am as a gamer and writer, and some of the games I played have been a big part of my journey. Some of you may know I started playing games as an adult, and the first two games that truly made me a gamer were BioWare's Dragon… Continue reading A Decade of My GOTY


What I’ve Been Playing Lately

Hi there! It's been awhile since I posted here regularly, as I've been staying busy with my novel writing. It's going well. I'm hoping to finish my draft this summer, which will be a huge achievement that will finally allow me to pop open a bottle of wine I've been saving for the occasion! Still,… Continue reading What I’ve Been Playing Lately

What's New

What’s New — August 2017

Howdy, everybody! How is it already August?! Last month I feel like I got a lot of stuff done. I played Wolfenstein: The New Order. I read Sword of Destiny from The Witcher series (and totally loved it). I bought a new car. I picked up learning Spanish again. I started running again, in preparation for a 10K I'm… Continue reading What’s New — August 2017