A Decade of My GOTY

The past decade really made me who I am as a gamer and writer, and some of the games I played have been a big part of my journey. Some of you may know I started playing games as an adult, and the first two games that truly made me a gamer were BioWare's Dragon… Continue reading A Decade of My GOTY

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What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

We all have those games, don't we? The ones we return to over and over again, on vacations and sick days and when we just need something warm and familiar -- maybe even comforting. A few months ago on the What's Good Games podcast (one of my favorites), the hosts discussed the idea of "comfort… Continue reading What Are Your “Comfort Food” Games?

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What’s New — February 2018

Happy February everybody! This is one of my favorite months of the year because it's Valentine's Day, it's a special someone's birthday in my house, and it just makes me feel like the year is ramping up. This month, I'm taking a weekend trip and will be spending a lot of time with family (and… Continue reading What’s New — February 2018