Video Game Blogging Challenge: Games Edition

This month I’m writing a weekly post for this 30-day video game blogging challenge. It’s a list of gaming topics to write about. Last week I focused on characters I loved and hated. This week, it’s about some of the biggest games in my life!

Game Everyone Should Play

portalEveryone should play some Portal. If you finish both games, that’s awesome. But at least give it a try. Solve a few puzzles. Experience the greatness that is the portal gun, and laugh at GLaDoS’s dry sense of humor. The Portal games are going to become classics and really do something special with the puzzle game genre, turning it into a first-person shooter experience unlike any other. Because of the way the games are set up, they’re also great for anybody — not just experienced gamers — so when I say everyone should play Portal, I really mean everyone!

Game I’ve Played the Most

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age: Origins. I started this game on my birthday one year, and it’s now my tradition to start a new playthrough on that same day every year. I haven’t always finished these new playthroughs, but I’ve finished them enough for this game to top my list!

Game I Thought I Wouldn’t Like but Ended up Loving

Gears-of-War-Ultimate-Edition-preview-screens-04Gears of War. The character designs make the guys look like overblown balloons. I was the worst at shooters too. And I don’t like post-apocalyptic stuff. Gears of War was the opposite of all the fantasy and friendly sci-fi RPGs I usually played. Then I gave it a try and liked it. But when I finally played the series co-op last year… that’s when I fell in love. Like, crazy in love.

Favorite Game of All Time

Mass Effect 2I’m going with the entire Mass Effect series here, but if I had to choose one of them, I’d go with ME2. This sci-fi series has you playing as your own personalized Commander Shepard, with a cast of human and alien characters who serve with you aboard the Normandy ship. To keep things short and spoiler-free, you’re trying to save the galaxy. It’s an epic adventure. Mass Effect 2 focuses more on character stories than the central plot, which I really enjoyed. For me, Mass Effect is all about the characters you spend time with. That, plus the diverse range of missions and gorgeous locations, make it my favorite of the series.

— Ashley

5 thoughts on “Video Game Blogging Challenge: Games Edition”

  1. I’d go with…

    Game everyone should play: The Secret World. Granted there are many things about it that could turn some people off — from the dark subject matter to the unusual complexity — but it’s one of the absolute best games I’ve ever played. Mechanically, artistically, and just in every way, and it deserves so much more love and recognition than it’s gotten.

    Game I’ve played the most: World of Warcraft. The reasons for this are complex and have little to do with the quality of the game.

    Game I thought I wouldn’t like but ending up loving: Can’t come up with much for this. I’m usually pretty good at predicting what I will and won’t enjoy, and I wouldn’t try something that doesn’t hold at least some appeal. The Division, The Secret World, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are games that ended up roping me in more than I expected they would, though.

    Favourite game of all time: Because time and the march of technology can take such a toll on games, I have trouble picking an all time favourite game. Is it right to compare games from ten to twenty years ago against modern ones? I’d say Warcraft III was my favourite old school game, and The Secret World is my favourite modern game.

    1. Nice choices! I remember you talking about The Secret World and was reading some of your posts about it the other day. I’d really, really love to give it a try soon. Sounds amazing.

      It is tricky comparing older games to new ones, I suppose. But I say that as someone who only got into gaming in recent years, so I am behind on retro games and may lack the same appreciation for them that people who grew up with them have! I wish that weren’t the case, but that explains why my choices all tend to be modern games.

      I like that you mention Star Wars: The Old Republic! I had a lot of fun with that game a few years ago, though I played it all solo which is probably why I gave it up after just a month or so. (An obsessive month, but still…)

      1. I’d offer you a buddy key for TSW, but unfortunately they just discontinued that program. Hopefully there will be a new free trial system soon, but alternatively, it goes on sale on Steam pretty regularly. If/when you do give it a go, drop me a line via my contact page or something. It’s a fantastic game, but it does have an unusually steep learning curve, so having an experienced guide can be helpful. Also I really enjoy showing people around it.

        I’ve been gaming basically all my life (so over twenty years now), but I’m not the sort of person who’s too attached to nostalgia. There are a few old games that haven’t been equaled even today (mainly the Myth franchise and No One Lives Forever), but for the most part I firmly believe games have never been better, so don’t regret being a latecomer too much.

        1. Thanks! I’ll let you know if I try The Secret World. Just saving up for a PC right now, but as soon as I get it, that and EVE Online will probably be my first games. :)

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