What Makes “Dragon Age: Origins” Different

Some of you may know that Dragon Age: Origins is my most cherished video game. It is one of the very first games I played as an adult -- back when I was not a gamer -- and it made me fall in love with video games. Especially RPGs, because they had characters to get to… Continue reading What Makes “Dragon Age: Origins” Different


Inhabiting a Character: My Favorite RPG Leads

Role-playing video games are how I got into games in the first place. The ability to create a character is a liberating experience. It's starts with how the character looks, then goes on to how the character acts in their world through my in-game decisions. Characters can ground any story, and having my own character… Continue reading Inhabiting a Character: My Favorite RPG Leads

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Gaming Confession: How I Won Over Alistair in “Dragon Age: Origins”

Happy Friday! Today's video is all about those Dragon Age: Origins romances and how I managed to win over Alistair the first time I played the game. It's not easy to get the full confession of love from these characters! You do what you gotta do. Here's the video. Thanks for watching! =) -- Ashley