Blogger Recognition Award!

One of the cool things about being a WordPress blogger is all the community awards we get to leave each other. This week, I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award from the lovely Christine of Simpleek. Her blog is about video games, anime/manga, and fashion, and it’s one of my very favorites here on WordPress.


Here are the rules of the contest:

  1. Give two pieces of advice (about blogging, it seems).
  2. Tell the whopper of a story about how my blog got started.
  3. Nominate others for this hallowed honor.

Blogging Advice

1. Be Part of the Community

When I started my blog, I didn’t know if anyone would read it. But I followed other blogs, left comments, and even wrote guest posts for other sites. Soon, I started seeing new followers and likes based on my interactions with other bloggers. Honestly, it’s not even about “followers,” though — it’s about getting your blog out there to people who will really like it, being able to share with them and start conversations with them, and helping other bloggers find their audience through you, too. This is a community, and it’s important to spread the love!

2. Write About Your Passion

This probably goes without saying, but you have to love what you write about. To be honest, I don’t even like writing “rant” posts where I just rip on a video game or movie I hated. Being positive is so much more fun, and when you’re passionate about something, I think it really shows in the writing. It makes it really cool to start conversations with readers in the comments or through social media, too.

The Story Behind Robo♥beat

I started Robo♥beat in 2012, when I was thinking about starting a career in video games. At the time, I was working as a freelance writer and a nanny, but I wanted to branch out. The problem was that I didn’t have any relevant writing experience for the gaming industry. So I started a blog as a way to add to my portfolio and just practice a little. It ended up turning into one of my favorite hobbies as I realized the WordPress community is very active and welcoming. I found so many other great blogs to follow that I just kept rolling with it. And I’m really happy to be celebrating Robo♥beat’s 3rd birthday in a few weeks! She’s not a baby anymore!

My Nominations

Now I’d like to nominate a few of my favorite blogs/bloggers that I regularly read. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few:

  1. Gamer Crash

  2. The Triple Option

  3. FemHype

Definitely check out these blogs if you’re into gaming (or nerdy stuff) and want some new reading material. And thanks again to Christine of Simpleek for the nomination! =)

— Ashley

Gaming Memory: “Mass Effect” Binge Weekend

Life can get ridiculously busy. For us gamers, when we get busy with work, family, friends, and other events, gaming time is often one of the first things to go. It’s really sad.

That’s why I’ve actually started having designated gaming nights, when I tell everyone that no, I can’t come over, I can’t go to a baseball game, I can’t call them to catch up, because I’m going to be at home playing video games, and also I’m going to be Geralt of Rivia. Sometimes I look back on times when I had tons of free time with a nostalgic feeling. Those were the good old days.

One of the greatest gaming times I remember is the second time I played Mass Effect 3. I was house- and petsitting for my mom while she was away for a full weekend, Friday through Sunday. I’m pretty sure she was in Kenya at the time, but I was in another part of the galaxy as Commander Shepard. I was away from my town, away from work, away from most of the people I normally spent time with. That meant almost three full days of unadulterated time with one of my favorite video games ever.


I was playing the game on PC for the first time, starting with a recent ME2 save. I played literally every waking hour. Even sitting at the slightly uncomfortable kitchen table, I didn’t pay much attention to my backaches. The clock didn’t matter to me except when the dogs needed to go for a walk or I realized I should probably eat something–after all, I could play while the pasta was cooking.

Staying up until the early morning hours, I knew it was time for bed when I started hallucinating insects on the walls that weren’t there. Even so, I somehow woke up at 7 AM two days in a row with tons of energy to keep playing. I wanted to continue my missions. Nothing else registered for me for over 48 blissful hours when I was a badass redhead Commander Shepard with a turian boyfriend and an obsession with Warping everything in sight.

What I remember most are some of the side missions I took on, which I had never played before. I wanted to take my time with this playthrough, and although I didn’t make it through everything, I certainly had the time to try some new quests. Knowing my time wouldn’t be interrupted made the experience so enjoyable. I totally immersed myself.

shepard dream

I’m not saying I would want to do that every weekend, but it can be almost therapeutic to escape your problems and the rest of the world for an extended period of time like that and just game. It was my version of a meditative retreat. I like to think it was even more fun.

Part of the reason I was replaying ME2 and 3 on PC was to easily capture screenshots of all my adventures (and Garrus, obviously). Here’s a few. All the memories…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

— Ashley

Robo♥beat Finally Has a Facebook Page!

It took me long enough to get a Twitter account for Robo♥beat, so you can image how much I would procrastinate on creating a Facebook page… But I’ve finally published one here! Check it out if you are interested in following my blog that way — I’ll make sure to update it every time I publish something here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 7.29.21 PMAlso, I know I don’t follow enough of you all, so please feel free to send me links to your Facebook pages in the comments in case I’m missing out on some cool blogs or channels!

— Ashley

Screenshot Safari: An Epic “Devil May Cry” Achievement

Here’s post #2 for Murf’s Screenshot Safari! If you don’t know about it, it’s a friendly contest for bloggers to post their favorite screenshots for specific themes all through May — read all about it here.

This time, I’ve chosen to go with the Epic Achievement theme with a screenshot from DmC Devil May Cry.

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Screenshot Safari: A Selfie from “Skyrim”

Today I’m posting a screenshot for the Screenshot Safari challenge. C. T. Murphy issued this challenge to me as part of his Newbie Blogger Initiative. All month long, he’s challenging bloggers to post their favorite screenshots that go along with the contest’s themes, and at the end of the month, he’ll pick a few winners — just for bragging rights. =) You can read more about the Screenshot Safari here.

Here’s my entry:

Theme: Selfie

Video Game: Skyrim

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Ramblings on Why “Star Wars” Is So Unbelievable

I have this weird relationship going with Star Wars, where I find it really compelling but so much cheesier than most things I like. Last month I spent a couple of weekends rewatching the films in release order (and making sure I had actually watched all of them, because I’m pretty sure I missed a couple before) and checked in again. It still seems to be true. Even though Star Wars just isn’t it for me, there’s this part of me that can’t help but love it.

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