My Current Sci-Fi Reading

After spending a couple of months obsessively listening to audiobooks of Nora Roberts’ future mystery romance series In Death, I decided to switch it up with a couple of other science fiction picks. Here’s what I’ve been “reading” lately. =)

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“For Honor” Review: Medieval Multiplayer Mayhem

Last weekend I played the new video game For Honor pretty obsessively. After playing a demo at PlayStation Experience and the beta a few weeks ago, I enjoyed the combat but found it really challenging too.

The control scheme is tricky — melee fighting requires you to hold the left trigger while moving the right stick to aim your attacks, which you deliver with the right bumper and right trigger. It’s unlike anything I’ve personally seen before.

Jumping into the beta’s multiplayer modes, I hacked away at enemies but went down quickly. I had no idea what I was doing.

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