Meeting Chef Pikachu at Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe

Last month I was fortunate to go to Japan on a business trip -- and so of course I took a few hours to visit Tokyo's Pokémon Cafe. My husband was really the one who got me there. He's been a Pokémon fan most of his life, so a trip to the cafe was a… Continue reading Meeting Chef Pikachu at Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe


What I’ve Been Playing Lately

Hi there! It's been awhile since I posted here regularly, as I've been staying busy with my novel writing. It's going well. I'm hoping to finish my draft this summer, which will be a huge achievement that will finally allow me to pop open a bottle of wine I've been saving for the occasion! Still,… Continue reading What I’ve Been Playing Lately

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Dragon Age Inquisition – Narrative Playthrough

  Hey guys! Some of you may have seen the first installment of my Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough. It's a narrative playthrough where I'm just abbreviating the action -- mainly the combat and exploration -- for context, and focusing instead on the cutscenes and conversations so you can enjoy the story. If you're interested in watching… Continue reading Dragon Age Inquisition – Narrative Playthrough