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Feeling Like a Galactic Tourist in “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”

Last week I finished playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This action adventure game from Respawn Entertainment was my surprise hit of the past year!

I picked it up almost on a whim, hearing that it had a good story — and hey, it was science fiction. I may not be the biggest Star Wars fan out there, but I like the movies. I love the world-building. Why not explore it? Plus, after seeing how cute the protagonist’s droid companion is, I couldn’t resist.

How cute is BD-1?

To my surprise, I ended up loving this game. It was the perfect blend of exploration, narrative, platforming, puzzles, and lightsaber action, all wrapped up in a neat Star Wars package. While each element of the game feels like I’ve played it somewhere else, it’s still so much fun to run around this Star Wars world. And I really wanted to see what happened to main character Cal and his friends along the way.

Maybe my favorite thing about the game is the exploration. While I had some issues with getting around — or getting lost, I should say — landing on different planets and seeing the sights made me feel like a Star Wars tourist. And I loved it. The game is gorgeous, and every setting feels rich and alive.

Because I enjoyed the game so much, I made a video review to share my thoughts with a little game footage. Feel free to check it out here!

Did anybody else play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? What did you think of it?

— Ashley

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