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What’s New — January 2017

First off, happy New Year! I'm excited to start a new year. Sure, last year had a lot of bad moments, and some big events seem to indicate that things may be shaky for awhile, for some of us. I don't want to get into all that. On a personal note, I can at least say… Continue reading What’s New — January 2017


Ramblings on Why “Star Wars” Is So Unbelievable

I have this weird relationship going with Star Wars, where I find it really compelling but so much cheesier than most things I like. Last month I spent a couple of weekends rewatching the films in release order (and making sure I had actually watched all of them, because I'm pretty sure I missed a couple before)… Continue reading Ramblings on Why “Star Wars” Is So Unbelievable


The Sci-Fantasy World of Bungie’s “Destiny”

Oh, science fiction. It's my favorite genre, and I'm always intrigued by a new sci-fi IP. That's why I've been so excited about Bungie's new game Destiny for a very long time now. This past weekend, Stephen Rhodes was kind enough to hook me up with an extra beta code so I could give it a try, which totally made… Continue reading The Sci-Fantasy World of Bungie’s “Destiny”