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5 Things I Love About “Wolfenstein: The New Order”

590dd7c55bafe31ae71ae41bFor the past couple of weeks I have been playing my very first Wolfenstein game, The New Order. I know, I’m super late to the game. Literally. I’m really excited to finally be playing it, though — it’s one of the best shooters I’ve ever experienced. And even though it’s first-person instead of third-person, it reminds me most of the gritty, over-the-top action and squad spirit in Gears of War.

Here are five reasons I’m loving the game!

Thanks for watching! I’d love to hear what everybody else thinks of the game if you’ve played it, or what some of your favorite shooters are too. =)

— Ashley

13 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About “Wolfenstein: The New Order””

  1. I find this interesting just because — as I think I mentioned before — I think Wolfenstein 3D* was the first video game I ever played. Certainly it’s the first I have clear memories of. Stopped paying attention to the franchise a long time ago, but it’s interesting to see how it’s evolved, even if this Wolfenstein doesn’t seem to have much to do with the one I remember beyond being a shooter where you kill Nazis.

    Do you still heal by finding plates of chicken?

    *(I do love how 90s games would just randomly throw “3D” into their titles despite not being 3D in any sense of the term.)

    1. You do find plates of food sometimes that restore health. Along with more typical med packs. It’s amazing when a game series lasts for so long like this. It would definitely be interesting to see more about how each game has evolved. I might check some info online and watch footage of other games, since as you’ve said, some are so old I just can’t really play them today!

  2. I like how you compare it to Gears of War as both games have a very physical feel to everything. Guns feel powerful and you feel like a weighty presence in the world (unlike in Destiny etc where I feel light and floaty).

      1. Personally I’m a bigger fan of the weightier design. It makes me feel as though my character has presence in the world. Roadie running in Gears and having your character slam into a wall for cover feels satisfying.
        I think a big part of it is to do with the sound design, but the momentum your character has plays a big part in it too. I’m far from an expert though!

  3. Great video. My only criticism of Wolfenstein: The New Order was the battle against the mech in London. It was far too formulaic, an outdated typical boss battle in an otherwise great FPS. Major bonus points though for the alternate Nazi pop records dotted throughout.

    Did you play through with the Fergus or Wyatt timeline?

    1. Yeah, I can understand what you mean about the boss battle. I have to go back and look for those Nazi pop records! For that choice I went with Fergus. Who did you pick?

      1. I also chose to go to war with Fergus. He’s a curmudgeon, but a charming bugger and a hell of a fighter. Wyatt just seemed to scream ‘babysit me!’.

        I found the majority of those records during the intermission ‘base’ headquarters segments of the game.

        Happy listening.

        1. Yep that was my thinking too. I mean, I did like Wyatt, but I wanted to go with someone who has experience and would really have my back. It’s interesting to see how he takes being the survivor though. Thanks for the heads up on the records!

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