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“Gears of War: Judgment” Review

Over the weekend, I finished playing the video game Gears of War: Judgment.

You may already know that I love the Gears of War series and went through a serious addiction to it toward the end of last year. I’ve been playing all the games co-op, but after completing the main trilogy, it was a little hard for me to jump straight into Judgment. The reason I wasn’t crazy about it was that the central characters — namely, Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago — weren’t in Judgment because it’s a prequel, and it’s also very “gamified” in its style with leaderboards at the end of each chapter, etc. I find that a little distracting, and if I’m not doing as well as my partner, it’s discouraging too.

The good news is that after taking a few months off of Gears of War, jumping back into Judgment felt like coming home. I even did better in the leaderboards, so maybe playing so much Destiny in the interim improved my shooter abilities!

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Getting the Feels for PvP in Destiny’s “Crimson Doubles”

Last week I played the latest week-long theme event in Destiny, called Crimson Days. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Tower was decorated in red flowers and carpets, and Crimson Doubles was the Crucible challenge that pitted teams of two against each other. It was a perfect fit for my co-op partner and me, since we’re a couple.

The trouble is that I don’t play much multiplayer, especially anything competitive. I get nervous facing a real live opponent. They’re less predictable than AI opponents, and there’s something about being killed by one of them that feels a lot more terrible (to me, anyway) than going down because a computer program sniped you. It’s just not a natural fit for me, as I’m not a competitive person.

But I faced my fear and jumped into the 2v2 Crimson Doubles matches with my partner.

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