Adventures in Forging a Gjallarhorn in “Destiny: Rise of Iron”

Over the weekend, my partner and I decided to focus on one cool thing available in Destiny: Rise of Iron: the new Gjallarhorn. Since we weren’t around for Year 1 Destiny — our obsession with Destiny began in January of this year — this weapon is new to us, but obviously we’ve heard a lot about its legend status!

In game diary style, here are some of the adventures I had in forging my own Gjallarhorn. =)

Echoes of the Past

screenshot-original-3The first step is investigating an anomaly at Site 6 in the Plaguelands. The thing is, I don’t know where to pick up the patrol to scan for this anomaly — or even that we need a patrol.

After watching a walkthrough on how to find Site 6, my partner and I make our way to the place. It’s a site deep underground, and even though we were there before for a Rise of Iron quest, I swear I’d have never found it without that walkthrough!

Site 6

Once we find Archon’s Keep, trudge down into Archon’s Forge, and make it through the dark tunnels to Site 6, we defeat the tank here and then drop down into an area behind it, thinking that’s where we need to perform the scan.

Turns out, the scan is right above that drop.

Since it’s impossible to climb back up to where we defeated the tank — we were literally playground-sliding in — our only choice is to start over with the Plaguelands patrolling. This means we return to orbit, open the map, and click to go back to the Plaguelands, starting at the beginning again. Now we find our way back to Archon’s Forge and Site 6. But once we defeat the tank the second time, we realize we missed something else about this mission, because there’s nothing to scan. A walkthrough tells us it’s here — but it’s not for us. There’s no scanning prompt.

Turns out, we needed to pick up a specific patrol that told us to scan the anomaly first.

There’s no point in both of us starting over again. To hack the mission, I stay in place where we were supposed to scan the anomaly, even though it’s not there yet. Then my partner runs all the way out of the dungeon area to the outdoors, where he can pick up the patrol.

screenshot-original-2The first patrols he grabs aren’t the anomaly one.  (Patrols are always random, usually telling us to defeat a certain amount of enemies in the area.) So as I wait in the dark pit of Site 6, I see no prompt yet. My partner can’t abandon the patrols to try a new random one, but soon we realize that because I’m the team leader (he joined my team, not the other way around), I can abandon patrols. So every time my partner picks up a patrol that’s not telling us to scan that anomaly, I abandon it immediately so he can try again. It takes three or four tries, I believe.

Once we get that anomaly patrol, I just scan what’s right in front of me, since I’m in the right spot. It might be silly, but when you don’t know what you’re doing, a little backtracking and hacking the mechanics are necessary!

Beauty in Destruction

After scanning this anomaly, my partner and I are able to pick up a new quest from Shiro at the Iron Temple. It consists of several steps, including full-on Strikes and missions.

The first step of “Beauty in Destruction” takes us to the Plaguelands to collect Iron Medallions — little wolf medallions that are really tricky to find but extremely cute. Using a guide, we’re able to locate them all within about 40 minutes — a few at the sites we just visited and revisited for the last quest!

The Wretched Eye

Two of the medallions are actually located in a Strike called the “Wretched Eye,” which is a fun excursion except for one thing: platforming. It will be the death of me. It was the death of me many times, in fact.

At one point, the person playing the Strike with us comes to watch my Warlock struggle to platform up to a higher ledge. My partner even helps me with this part. All I could think about our Strike partner was, “Don’t look at, buddy!” because I was embarrassed at my lack of skills. My partner says my jump feels very different — more upwards than forward, or something like that — compared to his Titan’s, so many it’s a Warlock problem. I’ll blame it on that. Totally.

(On the plus side, our Strike partner is actually really cool to come back and wait for us instead of running ahead like a lot of players!)

screenshot-original-6The next mission is one of my favorites ever in Destiny so far: “A Symbol of Honor.” This takes my partner and me to some quiet archives at Bannerfall, which is an area I recognize from some Crucible multiplayer matches but never from a quest like this! It’s kind of peaceful for awhile as we track down more intel on how to forge our weapon — at least until the Fallen show up and a huge Captain nearly takes us down. While Ghost defuses bombs, we have to keep the enemies off him. It’s chaotic fun. Destiny does that type of crazy really well.

maxresdefault.jpgNext, we head back to Earth to collect dormant SIVA. This is the worst part of the entire quest line. Apparently, there are 30 SIVA clusters lying around, and you only need five for this mission. That sounds easy, but believe me, it is not. They are not really tracked on your HUD, so you have to find them yourself.

Walkthroughs help my partner and I locate about three easy ones, but there’s still a lot of running around, and we spend (or waste?) a lot of time on SIVA that requires platforming. It’s challenging enough for my partner to, say, climb pipes to a SIVA cluster or ascend the rocks on the side of Felwinter Peak.

But for my Warlock, it feels impossible. I don’t know what is up with the Warlock jumps, but they just do not take her anywhere. It is so frustrating. I am bad enough at platforming with good mechanics, so this is the last thing I need.

I give up on two platforming sections while my partner, more of a completionist than I am, perseveres. We end up getting different SIVA clusters at some points, as I prefer tracking them down on flat land.

Now we just need the last piece of the puzzle to craft ourselves a Gjallarhorn!

This mission involves going to Earth for parts, and while Ghost is putting together the weapon, my partner and I defend him from waves of enemies. It is more chaos! I love this kind of fighting in Destiny, but since this quest line has taken me pretty much all day, I’m tired and spend a lot of time like this:

screenshot-original-1But the Gjallarhorn is forged, and we get to use it right away against a couple of Walker tanks and a whole lot of their minions. This is definitely the prettiest, most badass weapon I’ve ever gotten my hands on in Destiny. Expect a few hours of work for it, but I’d say it’s worth it. Let’s see how it feels to put it into action in future quests!


— Ashley



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