My Favorite Games of E3 2016

Like a lot of us gamers, I love E3. Most years, it’s a time for me to learn more about the video games I’m looking forward to. But what excited me about this year’s E3 is all the new games I’d never heard of — or just didn’t feel all that interested in before. Sure, I’ve learned lots more about Dishonored 2 that I am eager to play… but I’m also suddenly excited for unexpected titles like ReCore, too.

For me, these are the video games that stole the show this year. =)


ReCore-Game-Wallpaper-HDReCore (by Comcept and Armature Studio) is not a game I was initially all that interested in. The early trailer offered only a hint of what the game as about — some sort of science fiction with a girl and her robot dog, powered by a mysterious core. But at E3 this year, we got to see just how the core lets the main character power up multiple kinds of companions, depending on what the situation requires (I imagine) — a big robot tank or a cute puppy-like explorer, for instance. Even more than that, the gameplay showed off all the cool things the main character can do. Apparently, she has different blasters that can attack different kinds of enemies. (There’s also a little platforming, which didn’t appeal to me as much — but it’s cool.)

Overall, ReCore looks like a shooter with real heart, which could be fun and creative to play. The fact that this game will be sold for $40 makes it even sweeter.

Interest Level: 6

The Last Guardian 

last-guardian-2-1622x1081.jpgI knew I wanted to play The Last Guardian, but I haven’t been following it like a superfan. Now that’s changing, because the new trailer makes the game look not only gorgeous, but like a real emotional experience! Just seeing the creature’s movements and expressions make me want to experience this game. At one point, he looks like he’s injured or something, and his interactions with the boy are so sweet. I’m curious to see what the story will be like.

Interest Level: 7

Horizon Zero Dawn

9f5705e27da5fbd267b7ab8af6c89b4a.jpgSony’s press conference showed off a whole lot of new gameplay for Horizon Zero Dawn. I already know I want to play this game, which depicts a post-apocalyptic future where people live like cavemen while fighting robot-machines that kind of resemble animals. (And the protagonist is a bow-wielding chick!)

But the new gameplay revealed just how stunning the game is — even the blades of grass look amazing. We also got to see a dialogue wheel, which makes this feel more like a full-on RPG! (I love dialogue wheels, guys.) And the combat looks incredible. The main character Aloy has to roll to dodge incoming attacks and can shoot either up close or from a distance with her weapon. She can also choose between mods, so the gameplay looks very well-rounded and challenging!

Interest Level: 8

Dishonored 2

dishonored_2_e3_2015_2Emily.jpgYou may already know I love Dishonored. And at Bethesda’s E3 conference, we got to see a brand new trailer and real gameplay for the sequel, Dishonored 2. It looks just like the first game — which made me all nostalgic! The art style is absolutely stunning. The city setting is new this time though, and I am really liking the hot, island look and feel of this place combined with the late 20th century, steampunk style. The gameplay shows the previous hero Corvo with a voice this time around — he used to be a silent protagonist — as well as the new abilities you access if you play as Emily, who is older than in the first game and now a playable character. As terrible as this would sound out of context, I also just loved seeing the stealthy throat-slicing again! It looks like it will play very smoothly.

Interest Level: 10


1yj09h3-ed.jpgYou know I love Telltale Games, and their next five-episode series is focusing on one of my favorite characters ever: Batman. We got to see some stunning new screens at E3 this year, while also getting a first ever peek into the story. While no big details have been confirmed, we’ve learned that this Batman will be somewhat new to crime-fighting, and Gotham is still trying to figure him out. It’s a new story, not based on any comic or other existing Batman tale. E3-goers have written that their preview of the first 30 minutes of the game showed off some solid storytelling as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, which includes the moral decision-making Telltale is known for — and lots of flirting between Batman and Catwoman. A new engine also means the game is probably going to look and play beautifully.

Interest Level: 10

Detroit: Become Human

download-5-1-1024x562.jpgSeeing the reveal of Detroit: Become Human in Sony’s press conference just blew my mind. Created by Quantic Dreams (Heavy Rain), it’s a visual treat that makes me — typically an Xbox gamer — drool over PlayStation’s graphics. But more than that, it could be an unforgettable experience in decision-making in games.

The E3 trailer showed an android named Connor going to a rooftop to negotiate a hostage situation. Another android holds a little girl at the edge of the roof, ready to jump with her or drop her. Connor was able to first investigate the situation to pick up clues, and then make choices about how to speak to the android on the roof. Should he tell the truth or lie? Which moves should he make in going for the little girl? The trailer then reveals several different possible endings to the scenario, based on these decisions.

From that alone, I initially imagined the game to be about Connor as a hostage negotiator. However, reading up about the game later, I’ve learned that you play as different characters in a world where androids are trying to find their place. They’ve replaced humans in much of the workforce, but “deviant” androids are starting to experience human emotions. It sounds like an interesting world to explore moral choices, and I love that we get to play as the androids — not just humans viewing them from the outside.

Interest Level: 10

What were your favorite games at E3 this year?

— Ashley

12 thoughts on “My Favorite Games of E3 2016”

  1. If we’re counting re-releases, the Crash Bandicoot and Phantom Dust announcements got me pretty hype.

    Straight up new stuff, though, that Spider-Man game is looking pretty nice.

    1. Nice! Oh yeah, I know a lot of people who are excited for the Spidey game. I haven’t really played one — well, I watched friends play one in college, but it was before I got into games — so I guess that’s why I’m not super interested right off the bat. It does look fun though. :)

  2. I’m currently playing Ico for the first time, so really looking forward to The Last Guardian.

    Nice list – I had forgotten about the Telltale Batman game. And this ReCore looks interesting – and has a Rey-from-Star Wars feel to it?

  3. Awesome choices. I ran it down in my own post, but there are a lot of games to get me hyped, including ones you’ve mentioned. I am really interested in We Happy Few and there are some Playstation VR titles I want to know more about.

  4. Detroit really does seem like your kind of game. Not surprised to see it top your E3 list. I’m particularly excited for the first three you mention here, but I was already interested in them so I kind of expected (or hoped to) enjoy their E3 showings. Dishonored 2 surprised me. I missed out on the first game, but watching the demo of this new one really impressed me. Some of those powers were just super clever (like the one that linked enemies together and the time travel mirror thing). I remember you writing about the first game before, I will have to give it a whirl some time. I kind of stink at stealth, so I initially gave it a pass, but all the abilities make it look really fun.

    1. Awesome, yeah I can’t wait for Horizon and Last Guardian! I know what you mean about stealth, Dishonored is kind of tough for me in a way because I’m also bad at it! I’m a little impatient I guess. But the powers definitely make it worthwhile, and if you don’t mind killing people (instead of a clean playthrough), they make it pretty fun. I agree that the new powers look awesome!

  5. Nice choices! Detroit: Become Human looked very interesting to me even though I knew so little about it before. I’m intrigued by how far this choice system will go and how it will impact the story progression. The Last Guardian looked great too! I’m glad it finally has a release date!

    My favorite game at E3 was definitely The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I was impressed with everything I saw, and Nintendo definitely pulled through with its full day of Zelda. I wish Nintendo would have had an actual press conference (or even Digital Event), but I’m still happy with how the Zelda presentation went!

    1. Oh nice! Breath of the Wild looks really beautiful, I’m curious about it too. And I agree about Detroit, I’m wondering how the decisions will affect the story, especially since it sounds like we’ll be playing as multiple characters? I want to know more… but at the same time, I’d like most of it to remain a surprise for when I actually play the game!

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