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Playing Batman as Full-on Cheesy Hero in Telltale’s Series

I have a soft spot for playing a hard-ass in video games. Anytime I get dialogue choices and moral decisions in games like Knights of the Old RepublicMass EffectinFAMOUS, or Telltale Games series, I go Sith on everybody. I don’t like to persuade with my heroism; I resort to threats. My characters call people on their bullshit, intimidate to get respect, and act like they own every dungeon or spaceport they walk into. It’s really fun, in part because that’s not at all how I would act in real life.

But playing Telltale’s Batman series, I decided to play the hero like I’ve always seen him: a good guy who believes in the law.

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What’s New — August 2016

The summer is almost over, and I have to say I’m ready for it. Fall is probably my favorite season, as I always look forward to cooler weather and the holidays. Plus, more video game releases, and if I’m lucky, more time to play them!

Last month I focused a lot on playing through the first Mass Effect game. I’m just about at the Virmire mission, so I’ll probably wrap it up in a couple more sessions! You can read my game diary here. =)

I also tried Mortal Kombat X, which is my first experience with the series. My boyfriend bought the game and wanted me to try it, so even though I don’t usually like fighting games, I eventually caved and played with him. It was instant love. I was hooked. I’ve been playing mostly as D’Vorah, and while the learning curve is steep, mastering her moves is a lot of fun. I’m sure I’ll write a blog post about the game soon. I’m so addicted my fingers actually get tired of playing before I do.

As for writing my sci-fi novel, last week I had a major breakthrough that really tied a lot of subplots and themes together. It’s like I had more of an idea — characters, a world, a premise — than a story, until now. I used Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to flesh out the plot and hit all of the major beats in my story. I’m really excited to finish this thing now! I have this bottle of wine from a wine club I’m in, which has a typewriter as part of the logo design. Partly just to be funny, I decided to save it until I finish the first draft of my novel. Now, I really hope to drink it this year!

Anyway, this coming month, I’m excited to watch Suicide Squad. One of my favorite shows, Halt and Catch Fire, is also kicking off its third season this month.

But the real excitement is with all the video game releases — the holiday season feels like it’s already getting started, as I don’t think things are going to slow down until next year! The big ones for me this month are No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Telltale’s first episode of their Batman series. I’m really curious about that last one, as I just wrapped up their Tales from the Borderlands series and kind of flipped out over how good it was. Tales really showed their range, as it has a much different tone — and greater sense of humor — than their other titles. Now I want to see what they can do with Batman, and how they approach it in terms of tone.

What are you guys looking forward to this month? And what have you been playing lately?

— Ashley

My Favorite Games of E3 2016

Like a lot of us gamers, I love E3. Most years, it’s a time for me to learn more about the video games I’m looking forward to. But what excited me about this year’s E3 is all the new games I’d never heard of — or just didn’t feel all that interested in before. Sure, I’ve learned lots more about Dishonored 2 that I am eager to play… but I’m also suddenly excited for unexpected titles like ReCore, too.

For me, these are the video games that stole the show this year. =)

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Decision-Making in Video Games: Should We See the Butterfly Effect or Not?

As someone who plays a lot of role-playing video games, I’m pretty used to making decisions in my RPGs. Sometimes the simplest action can impact the story in a big way later. It makes immersing yourself in a game feel very interactive and exciting.

But how do video games handle the process of offering decisions to players? They can be upfront about it with color-coded choices, hints appearing onscreen, and various indicators that something the player just did is important. Or they can try their best to hide all of that.

Just for fun, I’d like to look at a few RPGs I’ve played and how they handle the presentation of in-game choices — and their consequences — to see which approach feels best. (Minor spoilers for some of these games is inevitable, proceed with caution!)

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