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My “Detroit: Become Human” Story

Last week I finished playing the Quantic Dream video game Detroit: Become Human, and it was quite a ride. I’ve already written about what an intense game it was, but now I just want to share my personal experience with this game. Which means a spoiler-filled recap of my decisions, and where things went awry — because they totally did.

If you haven’t played Detroit, all you need to know first is that it’s a game set in a slightly futuristic Detroit, where androids are sold to serve humans. You follow the journeys of three of these robots: Kara (who serves as a house maid/babysitter), Markus (who starts out as a caretaker for an elderly artist), and Connor (a police droid). Every decision you make has a consequence, which can result in very different endings.

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! Keep reading if you want to know how the story can go. Turn back if you want to play it yourself someday!

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Why “Detroit: Become Human” is the Most Intense Video Game I’ve Played So Far

Detroit: Become Human is the narrative adventure I’ve been waiting for. I didn’t realize it — I’ve just always loved story-driven games with great characters, and fictional worlds where I can make decisions that have realistic consequences. With Detroit, David Cage and Quantic Dream have somehow perfected that recipe to craft the most intense decision-based game I’ve ever played.

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A Look at the Telltale Games I’ve Played So Far

I love video games with strong stories. It’s why I got into games in the first place — role-playing games like Dragon Age: Origins were my original obsession. Within a couple of years of starting to play video games (as an adult — late bloomer!), I heard about Telltale Games, a studio that created story-driven games in the manner of old point-and-click adventures…

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My Favorite Games of E3 2016

Like a lot of us gamers, I love E3. Most years, it’s a time for me to learn more about the video games I’m looking forward to. But what excited me about this year’s E3 is all the new games I’d never heard of — or just didn’t feel all that interested in before. Sure, I’ve learned lots more about Dishonored 2 that I am eager to play… but I’m also suddenly excited for unexpected titles like ReCore, too.

For me, these are the video games that stole the show this year. =)

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