My Top Games of E3 2017!

Now that E3 is coming to an end, it's time to talk about the games the event showed off this year! While 2017 may not have introduced as many new games as I would have liked to see, there's plenty of new footage from known games -- along with the occasional surprise announcement -- to get… Continue reading My Top Games of E3 2017!

What's New

What’s New — June 2017

Hey everybody! I can't believe summer is already here, and this month the thing I am most looking forward to is E3. While I'm not attending this year, I am eager to see what new games are announced so I can keep on filling my already way-too-full stack of games I need to play. =)… Continue reading What’s New — June 2017


My Favorite Games of E3 2016

Like a lot of us gamers, I love E3. Most years, it's a time for me to learn more about the video games I'm looking forward to. But what excited me about this year's E3 is all the new games I'd never heard of -- or just didn't feel all that interested in before. Sure,… Continue reading My Favorite Games of E3 2016