Top 5 Reasons to Play “Tales from the Borderlands”

I’ve been a fan of Telltale’s episodic, story-driven games for years. The first I played was The Walking Dead, which broke my heart with its amazing storytelling. I liked The Wolf Among Us even better for its noir-like atmosphere and detective work. Game of Thrones was fun because I’m such a fan of the HBO show… but it’s really Tales from the Borderlands that’s totally stolen my heart.

It’s my favorite for many reasons, and I think they’re worth playing the game if you haven’t yet. I would even recommend this series as a Telltale starting point if you enjoy Gearbox’s Borderlands games which dish up the setting for this series — or if you just like games that are all-out fun and don’t take themselves too seriously!

Here are my top five reasons to pick up this series. =)

Sense of Humor

tales humor.pngTales from the Borderlands is by far Telltale’s funniest game. Much of its humor is sarcastic, as you have great lines from characters like Hyperion man Rhys, con artist Fiona, Borderlands bad guy Handsome Jack, and company man Vasquez (voiced by the amazing Patrick Warburton). There’s also situational comedy and some goofy segments, like Rhys and his friend Vaughn having a conversation made up mostly of saying “bro,” two robots making fun of Rhys’s outfit, and something with an eyeball and a spoon. (Here’s an example I recorded.) And some of my favorite moments are when you’re faced with a huge decision — such as “break his heart” or “blow his mind” — both of which result in hilarious, over-the-top actions.


zkobx4mnivef5hovmiilAs a girl with a sister who is also my best friend, I love the realistic friendship between sisters Fiona and Sasha in this game. Their personalities are unique, they dress with individuality, and they react differently to some of the circumstances in the story. But they also share a history and often talk about what it was like growing up together, learning to con. I love seeing two women working together anyway, and the fact that they’re sisters and totally badass makes the whole thing even better.


While other Telltale games have hinted at romance, we get to experience a really sweet one in this game. There are times you can do little things like say something nice to the one your character is after, or give them a flower. I won’t give away spoilers about who is involved! =)

Lots of Action

loaderbotCompared to some other Telltale games, which rely mostly on conversation and exploring rooms for gameplay, Tales from the Borderlands has tons of action. Sometimes you’re using Fiona’s elemental gun to shoot something or someone. Other times, you’re hacking with Rhys’s ECHO Eye implant. There are also car chases, fights, and explosive action sequences where you get to utilize the Loader Bot. The variety makes every episode feel fresh.


If you’ve played Borderlands games by Gearbox, you know they always start off with an awesome song as the characters are introduced. Tales from the Borderlands also features a great soundtrack, with one feature song in each episode. My favorite has been “Kiss the Sky”, but you can check all of them out at Kotaku here. Most of them have a stylish, neo-soul vibe that just makes the whole game feel even more fun.

— Ashley

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Play “Tales from the Borderlands””

  1. I just finished this (hoping to write something up about it when I get the chance) and I loved it. The little musical intros are awesome and I did appreciate the action moments (the finger-gun shootout in Episode 4 was a particular favorite). I never really got into these TellTale games much, but I’m going to go back and play TWD and TWAU now. Not sure how those will go for me. The tone and sense of humor was certainly a large part of the appeal of this game for me. Hopefully I like them too.

    1. Yeah, I hope you like The Walking Dead games too! I liked the first season, but as I’m not that into zombies and all that, it’s not my favorite of the Telltale games. I’d say Tales from the Borderlands is definitely unique among them for its humor. I also loved the finger-gun shootout, that was hilarious. :)

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