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Experiencing the Music of “Game of Thrones” Live!

This week I attended the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. At least I think that’s the official name for it. Stadium acoustics aside (it was in the arena where they often host hockey matches), it’s an amazing touring event led by Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi, who serves as the evening’s conductor, musician, and host. The orchestra that played was a local one, which was a nice touch for this particular show of a touring performance.

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Embracing the Surreal in “Virginia”

I recently played the Variable State game Virginia, which embraces the genre of “walking simulator” almost to a fault. Navigating a handful of environments in first-person, there is almost no exploration to enjoy; you usually have a single action you can take, which is often as mundane as opening a door. Virginia is also a narrative game — but that narrative is confusing at the best of times. There is absolutely no dialogue in the game, so you must rely on your vision — take in the watercolor palette, the characters’ stern facial expressions, the objects that take up space but don’t allow you to interact with them in any way — to comprehend the story. Or what there is of a story.

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Top 5 Reasons to Play “Tales from the Borderlands”

I’ve been a fan of Telltale’s episodic, story-driven games for years. The first I played was The Walking Dead, which broke my heart with its amazing storytelling. I liked The Wolf Among Us even better for its noir-like atmosphere and detective work. Game of Thrones was fun because I’m such a fan of the HBO show… but it’s really Tales from the Borderlands that’s totally stolen my heart.

It’s my favorite for many reasons, and I think they’re worth playing the game if you haven’t yet. I would even recommend this series as a Telltale starting point if you enjoy Gearbox’s Borderlands games which dish up the setting for this series — or if you just like games that are all-out fun and don’t take themselves too seriously!

Here are my top five reasons to pick up this series. =)

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