Screenshot Safari: An Epic “Devil May Cry” Achievement

Here’s post #2 for Murf’s Screenshot Safari! If you don’t know about it, it’s a friendly contest for bloggers to post their favorite screenshots for specific themes all through May — read all about it here.

This time, I’ve chosen to go with the Epic Achievement theme with a screenshot from DmC Devil May Cry.

Theme: Epic Achievement

Game: DmC Devil May Cry

Why I Chose It: First, DmC is one of my favorite games, and unlike most games I play — RPGs that I enjoy for the stories — this one I love for the challenge. Totally fitting for the theme, right? I snapped this gamescreen when I got my first SSS rank, which is the highest in the game; you get it for combo streaks. I was excited, and I also love that this screen shows off the boss character Dante was up against. Plus, DmC is just pretty. Even when the bosses are ugly, they’re pretty.

My very first SSS in combat!!!!


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