Screenshot Safari: A Selfie from “Skyrim”

Today I’m posting a screenshot for the Screenshot Safari challenge. C. T. Murphy issued this challenge to me as part of his Newbie Blogger Initiative. All month long, he’s challenging bloggers to post their favorite screenshots that go along with the contest’s themes, and at the end of the month, he’ll pick a few winners — just for bragging rights. =) You can read more about the Screenshot Safari here.

Here’s my entry:

Theme: Selfie

Video Game: Skyrim

Why I Chose It: I think it’s pretty obvious why this image fits the “Selfie” theme, but I also chose it for a few personal reasons:

  1. It’s a cat in water.
  2. It shows how mysterious my Khajiit character Shaz was. She was an archer — super stealthy and awesome.
  3. It represents one of the things I always do in Skyrim: I sit in every throne I come across, collect every book I find (or can steal), and jump in every body of water. It’s just tradition for me, for all of my Skyrim playthroughs.

13 Cat likes water

— Ashley

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