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“Fact or Fiction” Panel at The Vortex Effect

It’s blog updating day, and I have a Doctor Who post in the works… for Friday. Oops. But I’m really excited to share my thoughts about the new companion and hear from you all about the latest half season of Doctor Who very soon!

Bioshock InfiniteIn the meantime, check out the new “Community Fact or Fiction” panel on The Vortex Effect. This is a new monthly column that will feature a different set of panelists each month, making “fact” or “fiction” predictions about things like games and movies.

Gary from TVE asked me to be one of five panelists for its first go, so read it here to see my predictions about things like Bioshock InfiniteMan of Steel, and the future of the Wii U. You may recognize some of the other panelists from the blogs/sites PhoenixDown and The Warning Sign, along with TVE. It was really fun to take part in it, and I’d be curious to hear everybody else’s predictions, too…

— Ashley


4 thoughts on ““Fact or Fiction” Panel at The Vortex Effect”

  1. I loved reading this! I agree with a lot of the points you made. Also, I wish I could read your ‘Doctor Who’ post, but unfortunately I still haven’t gotten into it yet. :( I want to though! I just have no idea where to start! Any suggestions? :)

    1. Ooh, Doctor Who is so much fun to get into. It’s probably best to start at the beginning of the 2005 series, but I started with Matt Smith at the beginning of season 5. You can totally get away with that, because it’s a very fresh start with a new doctor (regenerated), new companion, new story arcs, etc. I loved it.

      Now I’m going back and catching up on Doctors 9 and 10. Just be careful, because your first doctor is the one who sticks with you, and you’ll probably compare every other doctor to him. Doctor Who is a very serious thing like that. =)

  2. Great job on the panel, was definitely a fun read. Hoping to join the next (less video game centered, as that is not my area of expertise) one down the line. :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, after the article was published, I saw the others’ opinions for the first time and was really interested in where we agreed or disagreed. If you end up participating in the future, I’d love to read your opinions, too!

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