Continuum: A Cop Show for Time Travel Fans

In my new post for Geek Force Network, I talk about “Continuum,” one of the sci-fi shows I’ve been looking forward to watching this year. If you like cop shows, time travel, and futuristic tech, this is a really fun show! Check out my thoughts after watching the first 5 episodes…

Geek Force Network

ContinuumThe only way to make a cop show better is to give it a sci-fi twist, right? That’s exactly what Simon Barry’s Canadian TV series Continuum does.

I’ve been wanting to watch this show since the beginning of the year. Although it’s already in its second season, it just premiered in the U.S. this January, on Syfy. It took me a while, but this week I finally caught up on the first five episodes of season one. And I’m totally hooked.

Continuum‘s premise is ingeniously simple at first glance: a cop — no wait, that’s a Protector — in 2077 has helped arrest a group of freedom fighters, who are now awaiting execution. But when they escape via time travel to 2012, she’s accidentally whisked back in time with them. (Or is it an accident…?)

What follows is a riveting science fiction cop show, with Protector Kiera Cameron…

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