Galactic Pirate Fights On My Android Phone…

Blue arrows point you in the direction of your latest contract mission.

For a mobile game, Star Traders RPG packs in a ton of content. Developed by the Trese brothers, this Android game is one of those that I intend to play for just 5 minutes but end up clicking around on for a half hour at a time.

In this sci-fi space pirate game, you captain a ship and can choose to be anything from a legal-goods merchant to a spy. (I’m an explorer.) The game is open-ended, leaving you freedom to explore planets, mine for resources, search for artifacts and head to the cities to trade and entertain your crew. You can also recruit new crew members and upgrade your ship — or trade it in for a better one. Contracts and rumors give you more activities to do. And at any time, you can patrol an area to find a ship and battle to the death for loot — and if you don’t find anyone around, another ship will definitely approach you for a fight soon. Eventually, you can level up your character’s skills, too.

It took me a few minutes to catch on to what exactly I was supposed to do in this planet-dotted world — actually a good sign for a mobile RPG, hinting at its complexity — but it’s easy to get the hang of this game. Paragraphs describe the scene when you enter a new location, such as a spice hall or a new planet (where aliens sometimes attack). I appreciate these descriptions and the overall flavor of the world the Trese brothers have created in Star Traders.

That being said, the gameplay becomes more addictive than fun after a while, as the planets and quests become repetitive. (Note I’m only playing the free version right now.) I don’t really hold that against the game, as the developers put a lot of varied content in the game, and I have yet to level up very much. (Maybe there’s more good stuff to come?)

What I have seen of this game is detailed and fun, with the type of variety that draws you in and keeps you clicking. Just expect those contracts shuttling you around space to start feeling very familiar after awhile…

— Ashley

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