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“ReCore” Review

Here is my review of the video game ReCore! Earlier this week I wrote up my early pro/con list about it, and for the most part, my loves and not-so-loves about this game have just intensified the more I've played. In this review I talk about what I liked about ReCore, what I thought of the story, and who… Continue reading “ReCore” Review


The Future of Chemistry in “Altered Carbon”

A couple of years ago, my blogger friend Sam Leung recommended a science fiction novel to me called Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan. (This author  also wrote the video game Crysis 2 and some comics, including Black Widow stories!) You can read Sam's review of the book here on Robo♥beat. =) Anyway, I read Altered Carbon, liked it, and… Continue reading The Future of Chemistry in “Altered Carbon”


A Little Like Fanfiction: “Batman v Superman” Review (*Spoilers!)

Ignoring all negative reviews of Batman v Superman, this weekend I raced to the movies to see the new superhero movie from Zack Snyder. I wanted to form an opinion of my own, and to do that, I had to see this film for myself. First off, my history with Zack Snyder movies is kind… Continue reading A Little Like Fanfiction: “Batman v Superman” Review (*Spoilers!)