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My Top 5 Refreshments from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

In my new Geek Force Network post, I talk about fictional foods and drinks I wish were real… I could really use a raktajino right now, too.

Geek Force Network

Science fiction and fantasy have some of the best foods and beverages in fiction. I’m not just talking about Star Trek’s weird obsession with root beet — which is my favorite soda, by the way — but about the array of fictional dishes and drinks. Some days, I feel like the main reason to travel to a sci-fi/fantasy world is the eating. Here are the top five edibles I like to feast my mind upon:

5. Skyrim’s Sweet Roll


The people of Skyrim take their sweet rolls very seriously. Sweet roll theft is running rampant across the land, and everybody knows when somebody’s stolen one of your sweet rolls. That kind of thing just shows on your face, you know? The sweet roll is surprisingly handy in combat situations, because it restores a decent amount of health – at least as far as Skyrim foods go. It’s also decorative, so…

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“Serenity” Review: Coming Home to the Firefly Verse

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5 Ambiguous Characters of Science Fiction TV

When I watch a TV show, I love characters with a little moral ambiguity. Fortunately, science fiction television is packed with conflicted characters. Every decision they make says something about their trembling inner state. Sci-fi is very much about big ideas, but without stellar character conflicts, there's no emotional depth to support a show's premise.… Continue reading 5 Ambiguous Characters of Science Fiction TV