My Interview for On a Geekly Basis!

Every week, Emily and Peter over at Wrong Button interview geeks (and nerds!) for their column On a Geekly Basis, and this week, they featured Robo♥beat! It was a lot of fun to answer some questions about how I got started blogging and why I consider myself to be a geek. Check out the interview here!… Continue reading My Interview for On a Geekly Basis!


Geek Force Network + Emotional Robots

Although I don't think I've talked about robots much here, I love them. And I love droids and artificial intelligence systems and little bots that clean the house, even though I don't have that last one yet. So today, I published a list of my favorite robots and AIs in my article "My Top 10… Continue reading Geek Force Network + Emotional Robots


Manga for Beginners: My Journey into the Big, Mad World of Japanese Comics (Guest Blogger Post)

After lots of research and false starts, I’ve finally started reading manga! (And yeah, I’m still a total beginner, so send me manga recommendations!) Check out my “simpleek” post about the different series that got me started.


Welcome back to another guest blogger week on simpleek! This week we have the very awesome Ashley Hagood of Robo♥Beat. Ashley’s blog focuses mainly on the things she loves the most, which are science fiction, fantasy, and video games. If you’re looking for a blog that focuses on  film, TV, books, or games with a sci-fi and fantasy angle, most likely you will find it on her blog. Nothing Ashley blogs about is ever boring, and she brings fresh and insightful perspectives on the genres. She’s also a contributing writer for Population GO. Aside from her love of all things sci-fi, fantasy, and video games, Ashley is a new fan to manga. For her guest post, Ashley talks about what it’s like to navigate the wide and wonderful world of manga as a newbie. Read her picks for the best starter manga if you’re also a newcomer…

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