Vote for Your Favorite Geeky Characters All Through March!

It's March, and for Population GO that means it's time for the annual Fan Favorite tournament! Back in the day (like, from 2012 to 2013), I wrote video game news and reviews for the geek website Population GO, and although those writing days are behind me due to not having tons of time and stuff,… Continue reading Vote for Your Favorite Geeky Characters All Through March!


Writing Science Fiction: Thoughts on Worldbuilding and Characterization

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Since NaNoWriMo in November, I’ve been writing a science fiction novel. That’s been a big dream of mine for a long time, because I’ve always thought science fiction is the most difficult genre to write. You have to be knowledgeable about everything from politics to economics to religion and make all of those pieces fit together in a rich, realistic world — and that’s on top of the usual characterization and plotting that all novelists have to master. Fantasy also deals with all of that, but in addition to the imagination that goes into creative worldbuilding, science fiction writing also requires at least some knowledge of science, because most of the time, you’re developing a world with advanced technology.

I’m fascinated by all of that, but I’m not an expert. That’s why I put off writing science fiction until now. I developed worlds, characters, an idea of how interstellar travel…

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Robo♥beat Turns One Year Old!

Today is Robo♥beat's 1st birthday! It's amazing to think of how much my life has changed since launching this blog. I've been especially luck to meet so many awesome people online through WordPress and Twitter. If you want to meet some of them too, please check out my blogroll or look at all the people… Continue reading Robo♥beat Turns One Year Old!