My Interview for On a Geekly Basis!

Every week, Emily and Peter over at Wrong Button interview geeks (and nerds!) for their column On a Geekly Basis, and this week, they featured Robo♥beat! It was a lot of fun to answer some questions about how I got started blogging and why I consider myself to be a geek. Check out the interview here!

I also highly recommend Wrong Button in general, because it’s awesome. Emily and Peter keep it updated with lots of geeky news and cosplay posts, among other things. Also, I seem to always see nerdy trailers and ads on their site before I see them anywhere else, so they keep me in the know.

As a side note, I want to let regular readers know that instead of updating my blog on Wednesdays, from now on, I’ll be posting on weekends when I have lots of free time to daydream and write. And thanks so much for continuing to read Robo♥beat. Besides having so much fun writing here, I really love hearing from you all about the interests we share. =)

— Ashley

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