Geek Force Network + Emotional Robots

“My Top 10 Robots with Feelings”

Although I don’t think I’ve talked about robots much here, I love them. And I love droids and artificial intelligence systems and little bots that clean the house, even though I don’t have that last one yet. So today, I published a list of my favorite robots and AIs in my article “My Top 10 Robots with Feelings” on Geek Force Network.

About Geek Force Network

It started a few months after I launched this blog. I created a Twitter account and had it automatically update with new posts published here on Robo♥beat. I never used it for personal reasons. It just existed somewhere on the internet to help people keep up with my blog.

But earlier this year, I checked Twitter and saw, to my surprise, that many of the bloggers I follow were using Twitter on a regular basis to chat. So I joined in. Through Twitter conversations and “Follow Fridays,” I discovered other gamers, bloggers, and podcasters, and we all became part of a creative, supportive online community of geeks.


This community is now represented on Geek Force Network, a website launched by Chris (who, I believe, got the site up and made sure it looked sexy for launch) and Shaun from At the Buzzer Show. It’s a place for passionate people to come together and publish content celebrating geekdom.

This means that every Saturday morning, I’ll be publishing an article on Geek Force Network. The content will be similar to what I publish here on Robo♥beat, although the parameters of the GFN site will allow me to venture outside sci-fi, fantasy, and video games at times!

If you want to keep up with my posts on GFN, I’ll be posting links to them on my Twitter here every Saturday. (With any luck, I’ll get to it in the AM, but you know… sleeping and stuff.) And when you get a chance, check out Geek Force Network for all of the other amazing content. You can follow GFN on Twitter here.



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