How Realistic Are Humanoid Aliens?

Aliens are all over science fiction, and many of them I adore. Characters such as Spock and Kira from Star Trek, Neytiri from Avatar, and most of the Mass Effect crew are some of my favorite characters from any fiction in any genre, ever. But all of these characters I've just mentioned are distinctly humanoid, and I wonder if that's… Continue reading How Realistic Are Humanoid Aliens?

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Michio Kaku on the Science Fiction in Video Games

If you've never seen GTTV's series The Science of Games, it's worth watching to have your mind blown a little bit. In it, host Daniel Kayser interviews theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku about just how feasible the futuristic technology portrayed in video games really is. It's definitely pop science -- all very fun, fluffy and hypothetical -- and… Continue reading Michio Kaku on the Science Fiction in Video Games


If You Want to Get Nerdy About NASA…

It's not science fiction, but I have to take a time out and recommend the Discovery Channel series When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions. In college, I went through a major space flight phase, during which I ate up shows like Moon Machines and Mars Rising. I even downloaded the audio recordings of the NASA missions --… Continue reading If You Want to Get Nerdy About NASA…