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Michio Kaku on the Science Fiction in Video Games

If you’ve never seen GTTV’s series The Science of Games, it’s worth watching to have your mind blown a little bit. In it, host Daniel Kayser interviews theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku about just how feasible the futuristic technology portrayed in video games really is.

It’s definitely pop science — all very fun, fluffy and hypothetical — and that’s why I love it. Science requires you to have a huge imagination, in a good way. (After all, don’t most good ideas sound half-crazy at first?) In college, I was a fan of pop science shows like The Universe because they explained complicated scientific theories in ways I could understand — and then they got into all the fun stuff like whether lightsabers are plausible, too.

This show is the same. You can find all of the episodes here.

As people who know me can probably guess, my favorite is the episode on Mass Effect 2, which discusses invisibility cloaks for combat situations, negative matter creating gateways for space travel, and moving objects with your mind. You can watch that one here. =)

— Ashley

4 thoughts on “Michio Kaku on the Science Fiction in Video Games”

  1. I loved these segments as well. Out of all of them, the Mass Effect 2 segment is the one I remember most for the same reasons as you. Not only that, Michio seems like a pretty cool dude to hang out with.

  2. Those look really cool. Whenever I’m reading old science fiction novels it sometimes amazes me that we actually are close to technology that is sometimes depicted in them. In particular Neal Stephenson’s “metaverse” came to fruition in things like Second Life and other virtual communities. Sometimes I think the imagination of science fictions is just as much of a component to creating new innovative technologies as the engineers are

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