If You Want to Get Nerdy About NASA…

It’s not science fiction, but I have to take a time out and recommend the Discovery Channel series When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions.

In college, I went through a major space flight phase, during which I ate up shows like Moon Machines and Mars Rising. I even downloaded the audio recordings of the NASA missions — something that gets me teased on road trips when the garbled countdowns play out from my MP3 shuffle.

If you have to choose just one show to learn about space flight, When We Left Earth is absolutely the one to watch, in my opinion. Packed with NASA footage of space flights, it lets viewers feel the anxiety of the first manned space flight  — when we didn’t know whether people could survive zero gravity — and the dangers and excitement of the first space walk. Getting to know the Gemini and Apollo astronauts through the footage makes their experiences even more touching. This series is definitely one of the most thrilling history-slash-science shows I’ve seen.

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