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What’s New — August 2018

Last month I redesigned my blog. It felt like it was time for a change — even a fresh start — since I haven’t been able to post as often as I used to, and my subject matter has had to shift a bit due to lifestyle changes and work. So if this is your first time visiting the blog since then, you’ll probably notice it looks quite a bit different!

Life is good lately. I’ve been enjoying my job, exercise, family time, and wedding planning. It’s been busy — but the good kind of busy!

My Personal Coffee Challenge

The biggest personal challenge I’ve taken on lately is reducing my caffeine intake. I was having about three cups of coffee per day — one first thing in the morning, one when I got to work, and another after lunch. It was just a habit. I couldn’t wake up properly without a coffee, and I noticed that if I skipped it in the morning, I would be groggy on the way to work. I like to do the Pimsleur Spanish audio lessons on my morning commute, but without caffeine first, I couldn’t say hola.

matcha-latte.jpgNow, that’s not such an unusual thing — lots of people need coffee to wake up — but I know that if I’m going to be traveling later this year, I can’t rely on caffeine at specific times every day. I need to be able to live without it once in a while, and not have a headache or zero energy. It was just getting to be a little much.

So last month I started weaning myself off of caffeine, and it went surprisingly well. I had low energy for a day or two, and a headache maybe one time, but otherwise it was a very successful process — because I kept it gradual. I started off by only having one coffee in the morning, and going down to just a tea in the afternoons. (Or a green tea latte — I love those things.) I tried to go later and later into the day without caffeine, so I didn’t depend on it to wake up first thing in the morning. Now, I can wait until the afternoon to have coffee, and there have been a couple of days where I’ve survived with just tea. I call that a success!

What I’m Playing

2866868-feature_top5witcherthingsthatarentthevideogame_gsOn the geekier side of things, I started replaying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I love that game so much. I just finished the first chunk of the game and am now hanging with Triss in Novigrad (which is sort of like “Part 2” of the story). For the longest time I just wasn’t gaming as much, and I couldn’t seem to stick to a single game — but since picking up The Witcher 3 again, I’m happy to sit down and immerse myself for hours at a time. It’s like I just need to find the right game to enjoy again.

I’ve also been playing Destiny 2, since it’s launched its Solstice of Heroes event. It’s been a blast scouring Earth for patrols, fighting my way through Strikes, and leveling up my favorite gear. Replaying some of my favorite missions in the Solstice “Redux” missions has been a great challenge, too. I lost track of time with this game, and it’s so perfect to play with someone else. Destiny was one of my most beloved (and most played!) games ever, and finally I feel like Destiny 2 has its hooks in me.

What’s everybody else up to this month? Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. =)

— Ashley

3 thoughts on “What’s New — August 2018”

  1. I’ve just recently started on book four of Soulcleaver, so that will probably be my focus this month. It’s going well so far. Very heavy on battle scenes, which I find easy to write. The first chapter is titled “Many Will Die,” and I think that sets the tone of the book very well.

    I’m still having trouble finding a game that really sucks me in. Since I’ve been playing a lot of D&D IRL, I decided to finally give Dungeons and Dragons Online a try. It’s fascinating as a student of game design because it feels very different from most other MMOs — or video game RPGs in general — but I don’t see it holding my attention for long.

    On the subject of D&D, I wrote a one-off adventure for our campaign. Our dungeon master’s been asking me to write something for a while, and I wanted an excuse to play my old character from the first campaign again, so I wrote a story around her. Theoretically going to play through it next week.

    I’ve started reading a book by Brandon Sanderson called The Way of Kings that was lent to me by a friend, who has been raving about the book and all but ramming it down my throat for weeks now. So far the setting seems very original and detailed, which I appreciate, but the characters seem a bit boring. My friend assures me this will change as I progress deeper into the book.

    1. That sounds like a good month. Good luck with your writing! I always find battle scenes tricky to write, but glad to hear they come easily to you. It’s funny how every writer has their own strengths and weak points, I’m guessing. I enjoy dialogue most, although I’m appreciating description more as I get older and write more.

      That would be fun to write a D&D adventure! Have fun playing it.

      Let me know what you think of that book. I’m reading A Darker Shade of Magic right now, just started it but I love the writing so far. Seems very original too.

      1. For me it’s writing emotional stuff that’s a big challenge. I find it difficult to articulate feelings. People hitting each other with swords is refreshingly simple by comparison.

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