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Where’s the New Dune Movie?

Two years ago, I was obsessed with the idea of a new Dune movie. Frank Herbert’s novel has been my favorite science fiction novel since I first read it more than a decade ago. I’ve seen the film adaptations of the book, but they were cringe-worthy in way too many places. It’s been my secret dream (and by “secret dream” I mean I tell everyone I know) to write the script for a new Dune movie.

For a while, the buzz was that Peter Berg was set to direct a film adaptation of Dune, with a screenplay written by Josh Zetumer. I even read that Berg had met with Robert Pattinson to discuss him starring in the movie. Then Pierre Morel was directing. Then I heard about another script. Then things stopped making sense.

Apparently Paramount shut down the project last year due to budgeting issues or an expired option or something. I’m hoping someone will resurrect the project and finally do the novel justice on the big screen. Or perhaps it would be even better if HBO made it into a cinematic television drama, the way they did with the amazing Game of Thrones.

Anyway, if you’re like me and need a Dune fix, you can learn how a failed Dune movie gave way to Alien and the recent film Prometheus

— Ashley

2 thoughts on “Where’s the New Dune Movie?”

  1. There are a lot of really great sci fi series out there on TV. Not many of them have gotten much attention or made it very far (i.e. Firefly). I love the idea of turning a scifi story into a drama series on HBO and Game of Thrones is the perfect example. I haven’t read any of George R. R. Martin’s books, but I have been told they do the movie justice – or vise versa. That is, there’s some very intricate plot lines that need to be explained. I am all for it.

    1. Hi Squelsch, thanks for commenting. I like what you said about explaining all the intricate plot lines. I used to prefer movies to TV, but with HBO (and Showtime, AMC, etc.) the quality of TV shows is improving in a really artistic way (with great funding, it seems). And going off of what you said… where a movie would have to cut material and crank up the blockbuster action sequences, an HBO series could take its time with the story.

      I know what you mean about sci-fi shows not making it very far. Sometimes it seems like it might be a funding issue, based on the quality of the special effects, costumes, even the acting, etc. (Just a guess.) But HBO’s quality and care — the way HBO Game of Thrones stayed true to the George R. R. Martin books — could really do a sci-fi series like Dune justice.

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