Telltale’s Most Energetic Episode Ever: “Zer0 Sum” Review

It seems like Telltale Games has been releasing all kinds of games lately -- so many that it's hard to choose which one to play first. While I have big plans for their take on Game of Thrones, I couldn't wait to play the first episode in their Tales from the Borderlands series. Based on Gearbox's Borderlands video… Continue reading Telltale’s Most Energetic Episode Ever: “Zer0 Sum” Review

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Time to Play Catch Up!

Lately, I have been playing catch up on my hobbies -- mostly playing video games, reading, and watching my favorite TV shows. It's been a crazy year for me so far, with issues like lack of internet, commitments every weekend, and a little bit of sad stuff happening that made me stop pursuing some of… Continue reading Time to Play Catch Up!